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09/02/2022 04:22 PM 

[poem] Squeaky Clean
Category: Poems

I like the water pressure high,
Mercilessly pounding against my back,
Marking my skin with loving lacerations.

Soon enough, it'll rip me open,
Exposing my vital organs for all to see.

Tear. Me. Apart.

Let the scalding water invade me
And drip down my ribcage.
Let my guts spill out
And make their way down the drain,
Good riddance.

Wash away the blood and the pain,
The aches and the brains.
Let the stains from the fluid
Wash away in the rain.
Clean me off.

Remove flesh from feeling,
Seperate body and soul.
Let me be free.
Rid me of what made me,

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John Fortnite


Sep 6th 2022 - 7:01 PM


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