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08/30/2022 07:49 PM 

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Current mood:  weird

Honestly today has been pretty strange. I'm going through a whole bundle of teenage emotions. Specifically for the guys "i like" im overall confused if i like one guy or not. Theres this one guy in my zoology class and he's a cute latino boy- but he deadnames me sometimes, thinks he can say the n-word slur and is overall kinda dumb. I'm thinking he might just be like a brother to me instead of a love interest. I like hugs from him and thats why I'm currently questioning my feelings towards him :P i think im just touch starved!

Theres another guy i also like. He's absolutely idk FINE!! I really like him. we tried dating but i think the reason why it only lasted a week was because we barely talked and it felt like things we're going too fast. Honestly we're just friends now but talking to him more and more is making me fall for him even more! We bonded today afterschool and he was telling me how this musician, Anthony Greene, was in this other band called "L.S. Dunes" and the reason why we bonded was because we we're shocked that the other knew who circa survive and who anthony greene was. 

I know its not a big thing but talking to him is just very very interesting. He's really awkward but that's what makes him even more appealing to me. He has these cute shy smiles and he looks at me when he's talking to me. EVEN WHEN WE'RE WALKING!! idk im just not used to this. It's not a big deal but GAH I DONT KNOWW!! i really like this guy and i kinda wanna try a relationship with him again but for now i'm gonna get closer to him and get to know him better. Hopefully i get ungrounded soon cause its really pissing me off! welp im outta here XP Imma go fix my hair and plan my outfit + study like a good kid

SEE YAAA!!!!!!!


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