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08/07/2022 03:03 PM 

Church Hijinks
Category: Real Life
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Today at church the speaker mentioned something about the modern state of education. He said that, as a teacher, he believes parents should no longer send their children to college. He said "They forget about what we taught them and come back as Liberals." While I agree that Liberals are gay, it's always good to remember that those children (who are adults are that point) are allowed to formulate their own opinions, even if they are indoctrinated by theories that seem ridiculous (the entitlement parents have in dictating their child's beliefs well into adulthood is troubling). As stated in Maimonides' theology, free will is granted to every man. I would rate the service 4/10. Too much talk about current news and not enough Jesus
On the bright side, I had a danimal kids yogurt today for the first time in years. Strawberry flavor. It really goes to show you that Sundays are full of blessings.


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