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08/05/2022 10:57 PM 

Mom's Need A Minute Too
Category: Real Life
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Can we talk about the fact that moms get overstimulated and it’s mistaken for anger..? No, I’m not angry; I’m just trying to sooth a screaming baby, while hearing mom mom mom, with the tv on 88, the dryer going, some random person mowing the lawn, my Apple Watch dinging non stop, my shirts too tight, my hair isn’t in a messy bun correctly, there’s crumbs on the floor and I can feel
I’m not angry I’m ✨overstimulated✨ af and need a minute to get myself together 😫
Motherhood is incredibly exhausting.
No matter what someone always needs you.
Go to work; someone needs you, come home; someone needs you, go to sleep; someone needs you, shower time; someone needs you, going to the bathroom; someone needs you. A child, a baby, an adult IM ALWAYS NEEDED.
Please. Let me collect myself before you start to accuse me of being in a bad mood


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ari ✮


HI! so i read this and i thought id share my opinon and thoughts. as a 13 year old with mother issues, i can understand what you mean by overstimulated, motherhood IS very hard especially because as an adult you have responsibilities. i would seriously consider therapy and trying to communicate those around you. the people in ur workspace and in ur home. on days where u feel overstimulated, or just dont feel like taking care of everyone around you, call a babysitter! i dont know you personally so i dont know how you are or how you act etc. overstimulation is no joke, it CAN lead to anger and if you arent very good at communicated or dealing with ur emotions then it will lead to you blowing up on people around you, which is toxic. it is (most of the time) nobodys intention to hurt their loved ones. im not trying to tell you how to live ur life or anything, just giving you advice as somebody who grew up with a narc alchoholic mom!!!! all things aside, i hope things in ur life get easier, moms are the best and you dont deserve to feel used, taken advantage of etc etc.yes

Posted on Aug 6th 2022 - 9:28 PM

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