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November 26th, 2022

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Gender: Male

Age: 17
Country: United States

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June 24, 2020


07/15/2022 01:15 PM 

fin creepypasta
Current mood:  scared

once upon a time there was ths emo teenager named Sam Hoffman who grew up in a very religious famlee who did not accept them!!! ther entire life they were bulled to helpk and backk! it oly got worse when they started heighschool until one day the poluar girls cam e up to sam and invited hrm to a party1!!! sma wuz so excited amd got all dressed up thinking they owuld have frends. so they go to the meet up spot and instead they were hit in the head with a shovel only to die!!! last words they heard was "freakazoid!!!!" 
the next day everyone who was involved got THIS photo in their email inbox and it was sams new favebook profpic. if you see this you need to share to 13 friends!!!!!!!!!!!1 
if you dont sam will get you
if you hear "freakazoid" at 3 am just know it is too latz


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