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07/11/2022 10:35 AM 


July 11th, 2022 @ 10:35AM    
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Hey hey!! This is the blog post layout on my Neocities and I finally got it working here!! I wanted to use it on the last post I made here but FP is annoying and ofc I couldn't just copy/paste what I had directly from my site... So with some troubleshooting I finally got it to look correct and omg I love it sm more than my old one! ^o^ My comp/browser can be dumb sometimes so I hope it looks okay on everyone else's screens (pls lmk if it displays weird Dx). I also wanted to get this fixed bc I rly miss the status box you could have on old DeviantART journal entires. They got rid of it on dA (oof Dx) and you can't rly do it natively on FP so you know I had to intervene xD It's an important element to any blog xD

ig I should have some kind of actual post... I watched Umbrella Academy, it was rly good! ^^ my boi Luther is finally getting the respect he deserves and Allison is trash as she should be xDD I have no idea how they're gonna do season 4... like wtf is even happening at this point @[email protected] Poor Five tho lol, he rly spent like 50yrs in an apocalyptic wasteland just to get back and stop like 3 more apocalypses from happening... dude needs a break and I hope he gets one DX

General life stuff tho, still just kinda... existing ig? My mystery health problem is still a thing, which has been v hard and disheartening tbh... But I've been trying to keep up with my interests to stay motivated. I've been able to keep drawing and working on my Neocities, which has been good! I actually finally finished this drawing that's been a wip since November >o< I've also been working on getting an mlp collection page for my site, i'm not thrilled abt how many pics I'll have to take Dx Sometimes I get like... self conscious abt what I put up there but... The web is yours lol like the whole point is to post whatever u want. I think that's just a lingering feeling from normie social media sites tho. Like you can technically post anything u want there but like... idk even I feel that weird background pressure to only post good content, yknow?

Thx for reading :P This was rly just to use the layout but I'll prob have another real blog post in August :P


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Jul 20th 2022 - 5:00 PM

I do! ^^ I collect gen3 stuff :P The pony I drew here is Star Catcher! She's one of my favs~
And thank you! So far the treatment has been staying at my friend's house lmao xD



Jul 20th 2022 - 3:39 AM

gasp you have an MLP collection??? thats awesome!! what pony is in the post? thry look kinda familiar. very pretty design.

 MORE IMPORTANTLY, seconding what abby said, i hope you find answers and treatment soon.



Jul 11th 2022 - 12:13 PM

Thanks! ^^ I've already gotten checked out for it, but they rly put a question mark on their best guess when i got my test results back ToT xD

And yeah! I originally joined here with the intention of it being lowstakes and freeing (which is how the internet used to be for me). Thankfully that's what it's been like for me here and the pressure of normie socials hasn't rly informed what I do. But it's annoying that the thought is still there sometimes :/

abby the homicidal maniac


Jul 11th 2022 - 11:49 AM

layout is cute !!! the formatting looks good on my computer
sorry to hear about your health condition :( hope you get answers soon !
i definitely feel you about the pressure to post good content,, there have been times where i've made a lowstakes blog or page or whatever with the intention of just posting anything but then after some time i get self-conscious about if what i am posting is "good enough" :/

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