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06/19/2022 02:01 AM 

[insert cool post title here lol]
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ey hey~! I haven't written anything in forever >o<||| tbh I was just procrastinating on finally making a proper blog page for my Neocities. I'm still mainly writing these for my FriendProject blog, but I wanted a nice place to put them there too. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to implement comments and legit pagination so it'll be an actual blog xD Also while I was putting this together I found out that DeviantART removed the mood-thing?? Which is a real shame D:

 feel like a lot has happened since my last post but also nothing? xD I'm still floating along ig. I made my friend and I these cool bow hairclips :P Sewing stuff again has been pretty nice, it was frustrating waiting for nice bows to show up on secondhand jfashion markets so... I just did it myself xD You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a good pink bow out there. I also figured out what to get my friend-who-likes-mh for his bday next month :D I'll write abt it properly in my next post lol I haven't even wrapped it yet xD I can say rn tho that even tho I love doing this, I rly pick the hardest gifts to find... ^_^|||

 also finished the Halo TV series and... To sum up how I feel abt it, the first and last epiosdes are the only ones worth watching. The whole middle of the show is like... idk not rly Halo? I guess season 2 is legit set up to be combat evolved but... I dunno. Like Halsey is finally a criminal on the run, Chief has his helmet on and doesn't talk (bc he's lowkey kinda dead rn) and the potential start to season 2 is very familiar but... I dunno. I'm still gonna watch it lol bc ofc I am but... lowkey disappointed D: At least I can look forward to season 3 of Umbrella Academy coming out this week!! The way that ppl talk in comments sections around this make me feel like I'm not caught up on the comics or something... Has anything else come out after Hotel Oblivion?? If not, I'm v curious to see how the show is gonna handle the sparrows... and then what are the comics gonna do when they eventually catch up?? :P

ot much of a post, but thx for reading :P I would've written more but figuring out how this is gonna work on my Neocities was a lot of effort lol



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Jul 2nd 2022 - 9:09 PM

thank u so much~! ^o^

abby the homicidal maniac


Jul 2nd 2022 - 2:58 PM

your neocities is so aesthetic !! its so pretty and well crafted :) 

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