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06/17/2022 01:07 PM 

it's finally summer!!

Friday, June 17, 2022 - slad bloggg

hey hi hello evrybodyyyy!!! so it's official: i graduatedd!! this might be a long entry bc a lott of stuff has happened in my life since my last post. so, like i said, i graduated! but also, prom happened. and it was a lot of fun!! i'm rly proud of myself for planning a lot of it. also , my dress was rly pretty, and having miguel there (ma bf) was really awesome since he lives so far . he and i got to be together for a whole week ! and we did so much and had soo much fun. he went back home a few days ago and i rly miss him but i am v v glad we got to be together.

a few days after prom i graduated, and i went to a bunch of different grad parties. at one of them i got RLYY crossed , and when i got home it was SO obvious to my parents.  after miguel left to go to his airbnb, i ended up throwing up a LOTTT. my parents were cool abt it tho , and my dad helped me clean up + got me water nd stuff. the next day , miguel and i went to the local amusement park , canobie lake park! even tho we weren't there for a super long time , we had soo much fun! i definitely won't forget our time together there :3

although stuff was rly fun for this past week , there were def a lot of problems too. my best friend throughout all of high school started acting rly weird and lowkey mean to me toward the end of the yr.  she excluded me from group activities with friends and kinda stopped treating me like a friend, cutting me off and stuff like that. the thing is, IDEK WHAT I DID WRONG!! I WISH SHE WOULD J TALK 2 ME ABT IT bc i rly miss when we were good friends like we used to be
she's going off to be a camp counselor tho if she hasnt already, so tbh its rly unlikely i'll ever see her again. regardless, i'm kinda glad abt that bc it means i dont have to deal w her being mean/passive-aggressive towards me anymore. but i wish her all the best and also wish we hadnt ended on such a sour note

on the bright side of things, i'm actually rly looking forward to college!!!  i'm about 2 months away from move-in , and i've met someone going to the same school as me that i rly get along with! they also play video games and like similar anime as me , and overall they seem super nice!  i'm glad to know i have someone in the future i know i'll get along with

since miguel left , i've been spending alot of time reading and drawing . i've actually felt rly creatively stimulated if thats the right phrase to use , lol i've been playing piano a lot too , and i'm about halfway done with one of the books i'm reading (last evenings on earth by roberto bolaño) and i'm rly enjoying it a lot. i've also been playing games ofc , but mostly rhythm games (like project diva mega mix+ nd muse dash ) and animal crossing , so more relaxing stuff that keeps me in a better mood another super fun thing i'm looking forward to is next month i'm going on vacation with miguel to the cayman islands for a few days!!!! i'm kinda counting the days already lol , i'm so so excited. i hope to update this blog with more good news soon!! thanks for reading if u got this far, + have a great rest of ur day !! if ur readin this ily :3 byee!

[~aaa the summer..]


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