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May 14th, 2022

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05/13/2022 11:32 PM 

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Friday, May 13, 2022 - slad bloggg

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!    in honor of 2day, i will watch a scary movie tonite!!!! >:3

really hoping that this day can give me extra luck.. today my appeal of decision for USC comes back. i was rejected from them (my literal dream school) and i sent a super thought out letter telling them why they should change their minds. that was a month ago. now, theyre telling me if they're letting me in or not today .  the last time i was this nervous was the day they gave initial decisions so if ur reading this PLS send positivity my way i rlyyy need it. this is a lifechanging day!!!

anyway , the rest of this week has been .. rly unproductive tbh. i'm gettin on the grind today tho - stress is a biggg motivator 4 me , so as per my beautiful bf's recommendation , i'm writing down like every thought in my dang head and then when i'm feelin less stressed i can build off of those things to make coherent lyrics! my goal for myself is 7-8 songs for my album and i thinkk/hope thats doable. i still dont rly know what direction i'm leaning in with my musical style, but i'm thinking something phoebe bridgers-esque ? so something more indie. idk yet we will see

in other news , due to my stress and because i've been moving around so much with the stupid musical rehearsals , my ed has been getting betterish. it's still only like one and a half meals a day and when i actually eat a meal i still feel sick, but ik thats part of recovery.

annnd honestly thats.. kinda it! the musical opening night is in less than a week too so thats another source of stress.. idk im just glad i'm not in classes for school anymore , lol. again please send love nd positivityyy  ;; it will b much appreciated. and to the like one person thats reading this , i luv u!!!

okay goobye :3 will post again soon!!! might edit this post with my appeal decision 2. but i'm rly not expecting to get in bc they only overturn like .. 1% of decisions. OH WELL byeeeee !!!

EDIT: ya they rejected my appeal LOL


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ella misery ✯


what movie did u end up watching? and thats a shame that they rejected u :( sending positivity, love and luck to you anyway, hope things will get better !

Posted on May 15th 2022 - 8:11 AM

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