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arjun ☠ ✌

Last Login:
May 12th, 2022

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 19
Country: United States

Signup Date:
June 22, 2020


05/09/2022 07:11 PM 

Hasn't been too long

Thank God! its only been.. oh wait... THREE MONTHS!?!?!?!!??!?!?  well i didnt read my past blog BUT if its from feb i just wanna say WHOO im doing a WHOLE LOTTA BETTERR than i was! i should be so stressed but im having the best time at school and in life! 5 classes and great grades :DDDDDD fun new friedns in all classes and I JJUST WATCHED MUSTIVERSE OF MADDNESS AND IT WAS BOMBBBBB OMGG WANDAAA AND THE WAITCHH AND STEVENS EYE OMG sorry this was a horriblé update on my life lolz im in eng class rn 


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