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June 05, 2018


04/09/2022 03:20 PM 

Packing for my Easter vacation
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  productive

I'm taking the train to our cabin at 14:45 today so I've got a good few hours still before I have to go to the tram stop that will take me to the train station where my train will take me to our cabin at the quaint little cabin community of Ustaoset, a nice little mountain village here in Norway. I'll be staying up there with family for about 10 days and I'm looking forward to a nice and relaxing Easter. I'll try to stick to my healthy diet that I've got going now, although I usually associate Easter with indulging in candy and chocolate and lots of other good food but I'll try to find healthy snack alternatives instead. I'm close to a two digit number on my kilos (my dyscalculia doesn't help me much when remembering kilos, let alone converting those to pounds haha, but both my diet course leader and my mom have assured me I'm losing weight and I'm starting to notice it myself too) so I wanna keep that good momentum going. 

Now, the packing isn't much fun but it needs to be done and I know I'd beat myself up if I forgot to bring something important, such as contact lenses, eyedrops for my left eye (for avoiding too much pressure on it), toothbrush, headphones, chargers for my phone, tablet and MacBook Air, all those are things I fear leaving behind so I always make sure to triple check if I have everything packed before I leave haha. Anyone else hate packing?


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