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03/24/2022 02:20 PM 

Lets Pretend
Current mood:  amorous

Part of pretending is like ignoring all the bad things that make you upset and focusing on the the good. do this to block out all the external, negative, non-beneficial influences in your perception. Keeping your attention on positive aspects of reality is the first thing towards creating a perfect reality. I do very will in this up until it's about nurturing my body.Pretending your reality is already amazing is a concept like fake it ’till you make it. When youre trapped in someone else’s reality these concepts feel almost offensive to comprehend. Youve been told to disregard these concepts by a social reality which benefits from you continuing on with the status quo. Just because the social reality is benefitting doesn’t mean you are benefitting as well. You are one with the highest spriturial being. Why can't I turn off my brain 


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