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July 30, 2020


03/24/2022 02:01 PM 


Sometimes I look out and I can't imagine being anyone else but me, and I know it's cliche or whatever and everyone only has their own prespective of course but I mean in a what of that was scripted for me on my storyline ever since I was small it was like the way information was fed to me I truly believed that everything in the universe was gifted to me in a little box wrapped in a bow and I know I am gravely fortunate to be in such a position. It frightens me really in I know I have not accessed all parts of my mind but I am willing to try, sometimes I feel like I am the only real person in the room or maybe I am the only one aware it's like everyone has blinders on and I can really see.  
sometimes having nothing can prevent you from completing a task but so can having everything I have to force myself into being artistic or preductive in that I have so much fear of not being perfect because I have all the stuff it should be perfect but I can't make myself 
 It's art 


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