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03/30/2022 05:23 PM 

thanks for coming to my ted talk abt games
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ey hey~ I think I'm doing a bit better than the last time I posted. I'm back at my friend-who-likes-mh's house :P I'm still having a hard time™ so I rly appreciate the reprieve. Not rly looking forward to going home this weekend but... that's future me's problem lolol xD He's been doing his best to help me out while I'm here and I'm very grateful, as always :P It's been good doing things I enjoy for once, sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery I think. Mainly, I've gotten back to games! I finished the Halo Infinite and it was good! I still can't believe that Cortana is rly dead and that Atriox isnt!?!? Also the fight with the Harbinger at the end was rly hard lol. We also watched the first ep of the Halo series and it was good!! He kept calling me a nerd for noticing all the details but like !!! that's the point XD he's such a hypocrite lol but I'm glad it was good. I'm lowkey waiting for keyes to die lol ngl... also I can't believe Miranda is his and HALSEY'S DAUGHTER??? like what lmao omg get better taste sir she's a war criminal or whatever xD

e also started Mass Effect, it'll be my first time playing through all three games with the same save file. He's trying to romance Kaidan bc ofc he is even tho Kaidan is annoying af and dies every two seconds <_< so I have to resist being nice to ppl and its so hard lol. I accidentally romanced p much everyone when i played oon my own and he thinking thats hilarious said he'd help me not do that again lol. Ashley is rly getting on my nerves tho, I forgot how viciously jealous she is of Liara and she wants to romance me so bad but like guess what? ur lowkey racist sooooo... no ♥ if I could kick her off the normandy I would lmao omg. I also forgot how boring ME1 can be?? Like... idk sometimes it rly drags on uninteresting missions and it's so painful Dx I don't remember ME2 being like that so here's hoping I'm right.

also lowkey tried Morrowind again... It's so hard to make progress in oml Dx I saw that my friend had Skyrim for 360 and he just... never played it??? wtf? after me saying 'omg i wanna play that' he decides to play it first IN FRONT OF ME??? i'm not bitter at all lmao and bc he's absolutely oblivious when it comes to gaming it was p entertaining to watch him figure out basic things such as... fast traveling, and... crouching, and.... not dying? XD I am gonna try to figure out Morrowind tho bc... I wanna like it?? I got it years ago bc some dude on yt made his playthrough look so interesting Sokar Entertainment, if anyone's ever watched him. But actually getting started and not getting stuck in Balmora is so difficult D: I found some guides on steam that r supposed to help, which is reassuring ig.

've also been able to get some old games running on my laptop again! I used to play so many computer games, and thankfully ppl have archived some mostly on lol and with a lot of troubleshooting I can get them to run ok :D Some of the ones I've gotten going are BlasterBall 2 Revolution, Otto's Magic Blocks, Speedy Eggbert and SE2!, and Mahjong Quest. But most importantly, I've been playing Marble Blaster and Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer :D I spent so much time playing those two games specifically, even if Incredibles always made my comp crash back then :/ And Marble Blaster was def my favorite game at the time, and it's just as good now. I found out that there was a whole community of ppl making custom levels! There's a gr8 spiritual successor called Marble It Up, but idk lol Marble Blaster is still the best imo. Other games I def wanna try again are Mall Tycoon and Fate... bro I spent soooo much time descending into that dungeon and looking for rare cheese hats xD If anyone else played games like that lmk! :P

s always, thx for reading! There's def way more I could write about, but I think I'll save it for future posts. It's rly nice having so much to be excited about again. I know that life is still hard rn but it's nice to get back to doing things I love even if it's just for right now. It's a great reminder of like... what all of this is for, y'know? I hope that soon it won't be so special :P


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Mar 31st 2022 - 6:42 PM

ayy! I'm glad other ppl have played it, I know only one other person who has Dx



Mar 30th 2022 - 11:29 PM

omg yess marble blast is the best!

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