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03/06/2022 05:31 PM 

Russia master cards and visas will be denied from the russian olgilarchs Trump whimper all you

  • A second attempt to evacuate an estimated 200,000 people out of Mariupol has come to a halt amid ongoing hostilities.
  • Missile strikes have destroyed the international airport in Vinnytsia.
  • More than 3,500 people have been detained at anti-war protests in Russia.
  • The Red Cross says the situation in Mariupol is extremely “dire”.
  • Mastercard, Visa and American Express announce they are suspending operations in Russia.
  • Ukraine’s foreign minister tells US counterpart his country needs fighter jets and air defence systems and says NATO’s refusal to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine is a “sign of weakness”.
  • The IMF warns that the “serious” global economic effects of the war in Ukraine would be “more devastating” if the conflict escalates.


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