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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 42
Sign: Cancer
Country: Norway

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June 05, 2018


01/21/2022 08:35 PM 

Feelin' that post-Moderna chill 🥶
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  tired

So yesterday after having taken my Moderna booster dose, I went home and felt okay for the rest of the day but figured I'd spend today at home in case of any side effects. And sure enough, I woke up with chills all over my body (never have my blanket in my bed ever felt so good to lie under!), felt a slight dizziness and a slight headache coming on too, as well as a sense of nausea (no throwing up so far thankfully!) and it's more or less stayed that way all morning/noon and into the afternoon but now I'm starting to feel better, felt good enough to go grocery shopping. And by tonight I hope to feel good enough to enjoy my weekly Friday night pizza by the TV and a pizza always makes me feel better anyway so I'm definitely looking forward to that! 🍕🤩

I only got a reduced dose of Moderna but it was still enough to make me feel tired, drained, naseous and feeling a chill all over today so I can definitely notice that it's doing its job! 💉😄


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