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June 17th, 2022

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 16
Country: United States

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January 08, 2021


01/10/2022 04:24 PM 

I don't know anymore
Current mood:  lonely

So my dad had forbidden me from using my chromebook for entertainment purposes. You know the same chromebook but I watch movies on so I can forget how crazy my life is. Now the the only time I can use my chrome freely is when I wake up really early in the mornings so I could use it for a couple hours before he wakes up or when he is not home. My mom clearly doesn't have a problem with it so I dont get why he does. On saturday, January 8, I was watching a tv show on my chrome and my dad asked me "what I was doing on my laptop." I told him the truth and he went ballistic (angry) on me. To the point he THREW what he was planning on eating to the wall next, I  also had some foods peices on my bad too but not alot. He mde me clean up his own mess, and He also threatned to slap me. Im so tired of this family I really am tired. I noticed around that they are planning to kick me out and give me a lot of money so I can survive on my own. So now I have to find creative ways to use this chrome. But I also feel this will be good for me because this summer I am not going to have any tachnology to use. I plan to be workin all summer long to save up money to buy my own phone and new school supplies I'll need during the school year. My parents wont care for me and dad even said it himself. "YOU THINK IM GOING TO CARE FOR YOU!" - said my father


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