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12/15/2021 04:56 PM 

rando thoughts halo thoughts
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ey hey~ December has been very weird? Good and bad stuff has happend, life has been a lot, I won't get into it tho (thats what my bullet journal is for lol but maybe ill make a blog post abt that someday). I had this draft made like, a couple weeks ago... I wanted to post but since there was so much going on I just didn't? But now that things have calmed down and I have stuff to look forward to I figured I'd finally do it :P

o I'll start with something good: I had friendsgiving at the end of last month!  We usually all bring one thing we traditionally eat for thanksgiving, so ofc I had to bring tacos xD my friends think its p cool even tho its kinda weird lol. And I got to wear a coordinate! I wore Wrapping Heart with the cutsew I've been dying to coord ^^ I don't have any good pics lolrip just the instax ones my friend took :P I had a great time and I somehow managed to not spill anything on myself xP

fter this tho, like literally that night, I got some bad news and that sucked. To cheer me up my friend let me stay over longer than we planned and helped me feel better before having to deal with everything. I'm super grateful for him tbh, he did a great job of distracting me and helping me sort out my thoughts. We binged the new Gossip Girl and played a ton of Halo :P (which I have thoughts™ abt but i'll get to that later) Things are still rough but definitely more manageable than they were a couple of weeks ago, which is something! I'm def looking forward to seeing him again this weekend, we're supposed to meet up for our friends' gift exchange so that's exciting ^^ I'm gonna make the most of the weekend and relax. And maybe wear another coordinate! I'm determined to finally wear my royal pretty jacket XDD Maybe I'll actually get to wear the Powder Rose coordinate I planned for it, even, who knowssss~ :P (And I'll try to actually get a pic of it this time lmfao)

lso, spotify wrapped finally came out. ik i'm super late to this but I had this in the draft ok XD idk why but im weirdly excited to see what it is every year even tho ik it's basically gonna be the same as it was last year xD Yeah yeah Fall Out Boy was also #1 last year, but I think it's blasphemous mcr is only #4 (esp considering how much i listened to them this year??? wtf) and that there are no mcr songs in my top 5??? selling all my cds rn bc i am clearly a poser XD I have no idea how The Used beat them out, considering I only like a handful of songs currently? I must have listened to a lot of Pretty Handsome Awkward xD here's more pics below, since everyone's sharing anyway :P


ast but not least, boy do I have things to say abt halo lol omg... I finished the Halo 4 campaign finally and it was good! rip Cortana and rip Master Chief bro like I felt so bad for them the whole time I watched a playthough of Halo 5 bc I don't have an xbox and like... I can see why ppl didn't like it when it came out. I don't like it either tbh Dx The story is confusing and like... nothing happens??? Like literally nothing happens and the ending is so unsatisfying and I am so curious as to how Halo Infinite is gonna fix everything because oh my god lmao it's all over the place.

said in an old blog post that 'i was wondering how Halo 5 was gonna address the Locke vs. Master Chief thing bc afaik he got assigned to kill him by the Arbiter? like what happened so they hate each other now?' And I was super disappointed that that's not how the game went at all. Partially because I was wrong about that part of the story: there's an extra cutscene at the end of Halo 2 that I didn't get on my playthrough for some reason that clarifies what Locke is going after Chief for. So any assumptions you could make like I did are resolved and you know he's just trying to help him and figure out what's going on. The other part is that I know that at the time the game was marketed as like, "Master Chief is the bad guy" and that's true for about like... four seconds lol and it's not even like he's objectively bad he's just ignoring orders to go after Cortana and stop the Reclamation from happening again. And by the middle of the campaign Locke and Osiris team are trying to save him and help him out anyway, so ??? why push the game like that lol. Also Cortana's whole deal and how she got saved from inevitable rampancy death™ was rly dumb and... yeah... and the character of the Warden Eternal was super dumb and unnecessary too? Like his motivations and place in the story overall were very weird and unclear. There's a lot more I could say that would rly warrant its own blog post but I'll stop it here xD

(This is very silly but can I just comment on the like... magical girl-tier names that are ever-present in the Halo series? xD High Charity, Warden Eternal, Exuberant Witness... I could go on lol it's just so funny bc Halo is so serious haha )


ut yeah! Thx for reading this rambly post. Congrats to me for making it a little more consistent than the last one xD also this is the first normal post with the formatting I'm gonna try to use from now on. It was nice in lavender but pink is def the best xP


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Dec 16th 2021 - 6:36 PM

thanks! ^^ 



Dec 16th 2021 - 5:46 PM

omg cool also a merry christmas to you 

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