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11/04/2021 04:27 PM 

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Hi, there, everyone! My name is Bradley, but'ch'all can call me Brad. I like many things, and I dislike many things, but more than anything, I like sharing information that I've learned and passing it on.

Lately, I've learned that I really enjoy Phantasy Star Online 2, which is a shocker due to how different it was from the old PSO I used to play, back when trading without having to pay to do it was expected in video games with more than five items. The gameplay is certainly different, but I like the fast-paced combat and learning how to flow into combos. I've found Bouncer is really good at this, despite feeling extremely stiff on first play.

NGS is a different beast, however. The movement and combat feels natural and automatic, like writing out an essay. Every class has the exact same number of moves and the exact same types, and it feels very synthetic, ingenuine.

There are intricacies, sure. I often find myself switching from a melee to a ranged weapon to take care of flying enemies, using the Katana against quick enemies so I can block, and using the Blades to eat away at large bosses. The Blades and Katana are pretty limited in their AoEs, as well, so you're sometimes better to use a bow for enemy clusters. This hearkens back to when I was playing PSO and having to carry 5 different weapons for different enemies. But I just can't get over this feeling that the game is just far too simplified.

All-in-all, I really just wish it were a better game.

Anyways, perfectly nice to meet you all. Perhaps a bit long of a greeting, but I hope to be helpful in the future, regardless. Have a good day, everyone.

This interface is terribly suited for mobile platforms, so I hope this goes through, as I'll not write it again if not.


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