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August 05, 2021


10/14/2021 12:03 AM 

replace Groups section

go to Edit Profile and paste this code in Like To Meet, above </style> (scroll to the bottom)

#Groups td .lightbluetext8{



#Groups td .lightbluetext8::before {

 content:"whatever you want";
 font-family: choose;
 padding: 0px;
 line-height: 12px
 color: choose;


#ProfileHeroes::after {

font-family: choose;
color: choose;
font-size: choose;


change all the "choose" to the same font-family and colors (and maybe font-size if you need to) the other sections use, change "whatever you want" to your title, and change "description" to the description!

note: since css doesnt use <br>, paste a bunch of &nbsp; (html spaces) after the thing until it goes to the next line on the live version of your profile.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; anothervideogame (make sure theres a space before the next thing, or else it will see both things as one word and not break the line)
!!!!then click Save Changes, go back to Edit Profile, and press Save Changes again. for some reason the
&nbsp; doesnt register as spaces if you only save it once.
you might have to do this a couple times to get the exact amount of spaces needed (make sure to erase the previous attempts spaces before adding them again)

comment if you have any questions!!!!! [: (read everything before asking please!!!)


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