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11/03/2021 11:42 AM 

on all levels except physical i posted this on the 31st
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EY HEY!! Happy Spooktober! And happy MCRib day~!  I hope everyone got lots of calcium and supported their skeltal this month xDD I'm testing a new formatting thing because... idk spooktober is special and I wanna be festive xD and still pink lol. I haven't written all month, so this is gonna be a long one. I split it into sections in case u don't wanna read it all :P
kay so, I have to talk abt this bc it was quite a ride making this very simple™ layout xD I learned a lot here lol. I started working on this in early October bc I knew I wanted to try something cool for this, and i'm very glad I did bc if I had to troubleshoot all of this day-of? I would have hated it xD

originally planned on making this background with a 3x3 table (I use a 3x1 table normally), but I found out that tables have an "invisible" 1px border on all the cells, that happen to be the color of the bg of my blog posts. And since I wanted to make this a diff color bc festive, I had to use divs instead. Which is probably for the best anyway, but they're kinda weird? xD Like I basically made/imported a style sheet to the source section of the blog post editor and... idk that feels too advanced for me xD The downside for this is that I can't use tables here, but ig if I wanna keep this kind of format, I can just have a transparent post bg so the table borders don't show (bc lemme tell you, not being able to use tables for a blog post has been harder than it should be xDD I rely on them too much lol). And honestly, I might do that? Since the background images make these divs 1000px wide, it's bigger than both the main blog page and individual post pages' normal sizes. So I don't have to worry about having to overcompensate so much for formatting breaks between the two.

might make a post abt how I format stuff/put out a template thing, but that sounds like a lot of work xD so maybe not rn haha but if anyone would be interested in that lmk~



ow, has it been kinda wild in a bad way. The start of the month was great, I was coming home from my last blog post. But stuff at home was just a lot™ and I ended up having bad vaccine reactions D: I knew I was kinda predisposed to having reactions due to stuff in the past, but wtf man. It was a scary couple of weeks but I'm still glad I got it, it's def helped my pandemic anxiety a lot ^^; I just hope I won't have to take another vaccine for a while lol omg

ooler life stuff tho, I found an amazing AP cutsew! For anyone who doesnt know, a cutsew ('cut and sewn') is just a fancy jfashion way of saying a tshirt xD I normally wouldn't go afer them bc... they're just overpriced tshirts—for the most part. Sometimes there's some like this one that are def worth it bc... Look at that sailor collar!! :D When I found AP back in 2014-ish I remember seeing stuff like this, and its what got me hooked on them in the first place. Cutsews like this tend to sell p fast secondhand (since like, how could u pass up on this) so I'm glad I found one ^^ This is the Fairy Marine Cutsew in pink, if anyone wants to see more pics.

t's also nice to know that cutsews aren't as intimidating as everyone made them out to be? I always heard abt how unforgivingly small brand cutsews were, but tbh at least from my experience this is way better and less intimidating than blouses so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

lso also, I finally got a skateboard!!! B^D I'm so excited to learn omggg ^o^ I got this  complete Element one since I don't have preferences for anything that would make it worth it to put one together. anditotallywasntinfluencedbyvivalabamiswear—//shot xD I got it sent to my friend's house since I was gonna be there for Halloween anyway, so he tried it out too and we had fun being skrubs xP I probably won't be good enough to get anywhere until next year (bc winter here is wild) but I'll get gud all autumn so I can be prepared for spring :D


INALLY! le spooky times :D I went over to my friend's house on the 29th just to hang out since he lives far from me and he wanted to be festive™ on the 30th and 31st. My costume was Doremi Harukaze (ofc), I'm a huge weeb what can I say >3> idk if I talked abt it last year, but this is def a dream costume for me! afaik in 2019 toei released these mo~tto ojamajo doremi halloween costumes and I had to get one somehow (unsurprisingly they weren't the easiest to find secondhand listings for <_<|||). I didn't get it in time for halloween that year, but I was able to find one when I ordered some stuff through a shopping service in january 2020. So I wore it last year and this year bc why not xD And it's p cool being able to use my sweet pollon/parara tap for the costume too, 12 y/o me would be so proud xD My friend was dark Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer bc ofc he was, and my other friend who came with her bf came as Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd :P We watched spooky movies (Jennifer's Body and The Perfection, omfg is that movie weird) and played games (Project DIVA Mega39s and Resident Evil 0) and kinda just hung out :P It was rly nice after how stressful everything's been. 

n Sunday, actual spooky day, we went out in costume to a comic book shop and they had a copy of Killjoys: California!! I haven't read National Anthem yet (rip major poser moment) but if the original story is connected then ayy I get to read it in order now :P We went to dinner afterwards and that was p cool, and after that we went to walmart bc grocery shopping is very spooky xD There was a claires in the walmart :O so we got cool nail polish while we were there. I basically passed out when we got home, I think that's the first time I've gone to sleep before midnight in a long time xD


But yeah!! Thanks for reading my spooky blog~! >u< I mean half of it  wasn't even spooky but... whatever xD I'm glad I could finally post it after sitting on this formatting draft for a month xD


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