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10/06/2021 02:60 AM 

my annual annoyingly festive blog post™ >:D
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ey hey~!! I was at my friend's house over the weekend to celebrate my birthday! We were gonna do it on my actual bday weekend (it was 9/25 as u prob saw on stream xD) but he had stuff to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tbh it kinda worked out better that way, and it was as good as I was hoping it would be~ ^^
n Friday, my new headset finally came in the mail!! It's been a long two weeks w/o them ToT But after going through three listings and two refunds/cancellations (bc I didnt wanna pay $170 to get them directly oof) I finally have them~ *o* It's my first time having a razer headset that has chroma stuff (despite me having had like, 3 kraken headsets in the past lolrip), and lemme say its been rly fun to mess around with in synapse :D you can have lighting effects layered and specific ones for different games/programs, its rly something~ so ofc I took them with me bc I knew I'd be thinking abt them all weekend if I didn't, and now I think my friend wants a pair for himself xD he doesn't even like headsets lmaoo
she's listening to Young Veins (Die Tonight) lolol

n Saturday, one of our friends invited us to go apple picking! And it was rly cool to see her again since we haven't hung out in forever. (I'm just rly glad we got to go at all, since it almost didnt happen D:) The orchard we went to has great donuts and cider, and tbh that's all I was really there for xD but apples are cool too ig :P we got like a gallon of cider and it was all gone by sunday night xD I also lowkey dressed up to go? I didn't wanna wear a coord or anything since its picking, so I got as close as I could xP (lowkey sidenote but does anyone remember when, at least in the western lolita community, it was kind of illegal™ to use detachable waist bows as anything other than waist bows? I use my powder rose one here for everything, I even use it as a headbow... how scandalous! xD)
idk if i wanna put my face out there so... enjoy my
thematic censoring lmao
n Sunday, we went to the bookstore! He said he'd get me whatever books I wanted ^^ So I got Scott Pilgrim vol2 and Killjoys National Anthem!! I've wanted to read this since it was announced, so I'm glad I finally can omggg  I got the only hardcover copy they had, I had to get it for the cool desert spider on the front :P They also had Kirarich markers, they're these rly cool highlighters that have glitter! I didn't even know that was possible :o I also wore a simple coord bc how could I not?? :P I picked Whip Factory since it has birthday cakes on it xD
e also finally finished watching Buffy! The ending was rly good ^^ Now I have to read all the comics lol, a very long road ahead of me xD Thankfully he has most of the canon ones so I don't have to do too much work haha. And we made more progress in Halo CE, he finally made it far enough to get creeped out by the flood xD he seemed more spooked of the regular ones than the actual infected marines/covenant that can kill him xDD And I finally started Halo 4, I'm already sucked in and I'm only on the second mission lol. (I do think the terminal vids being in the companion app is rly dumb tho :/ ) Dr. Halsey seems like trash so far, She was rude to me in the little bit of reach I played, but I hope she can help cortana >_> and get prosecuted for her legit war crimes bc wtf gave her the idea to CREATE THE SPARTAN PROGRAM??? also wtf did the marines do to piss off the covenant again in the 4 years we've been out of the game like ??? idek what happened yet but I can just feel it was the marines lmfao xD ik it doesnt get resolved by the end of this game bc afaik Halo 5 is abt Locke going after Master Chief? And Arbiter sent him to kill us so... rip our friendship it was good while it lasted 

ut yeah, thats all the notable stuff that happened over the weekend! My bday means a lot to me, so getting to do something fun after being so stressed for so long was really great. The next thing we plan on doing is for halloween, so if I don't post I'll at least write something for that :P As always, thx for reading! 

(okay did anyone know u can set the minutes of the blog post time to X:60? xDD amazing)


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Feb 28th 2022 - 1:36 PM

thank you~! ^^



Feb 28th 2022 - 1:29 PM

Your blogs are the cutest i've seen on this site!! 



Oct 6th 2021 - 3:46 PM

aaa thank u! and tbh im also a fake fan, i havent even read the original story >_> i haven't read national anthem yet, i was p tired when i came home lol but i'll def post abt it somewhere when i get to it!

Vomit Boy


Oct 6th 2021 - 1:41 PM

Happy late birthday!! it sounds like you had lots of fun! im such a fake mcr fan for not picking up national anthem yet, is it any good?? the characters look so fun. i'm happy gerard decided to expand on the killjoys universe a bit more :3 such fun formatting as always wowie!! X3 



Oct 6th 2021 - 1:33 PM

thank u so much! ^o^ i put a lot of effort into formatting these so i rly appreciate it 

Depresso Espresso **flash warning**


Oct 6th 2021 - 6:04 AM

dood i love ur blogs T^TT theyr'e always so cuteeee

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