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December 2nd, 2022

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Age: 21
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April 26, 2021


10/05/2021 01:36 PM 

Current mood:  drunk

So! I haven't been really talking to my BOSS, I guess.

Right now, I am drunk with my roommates and their friends and boyfriend, watching a scary movie. It's pretty sh*tty. We just finished a different sh*tty scary movie. One of my roommate's boyfriend reminds me so much of my ex-bf.

Anwyays, tomorrow is my FOURTH day at my old school. My boss seems to be talking to me less and less, not really acknowledging me unless he has to...I think he can tell how I'm feeling kinda.

Might start using a dating app if I can get enough good photos of myself...

Im kinda drink and I'm typing on my phone ... so BYE....


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