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Quintaria chapters 1 thru 18-19 back up our Data





Darkivin which is the lands where the Dark Fortress of Vampyric & Queen Elfindel is. Though Vampyric has his own castle in the Unknown Lands and Queen Elfindel has a castle in Kiszterian. Darklord who gripped the One Sword in the battle for Quintaria is set on wrecking havoc across Quintaria though not if MysticWolf has anything to say about it. The One Sword was created inside the Mountain Of Darkness, and The One Sword was put to an end by MysticWolf who took both parts of the broken sword to the Mountain Of Fire where he had to battle Draconies the crimson red dragon. One of MysticWolf’s quests is to make his way into Darklord’s Hellfire Kingdom and slay Darklord and to make his Hellfire domain crumble from within. The Vampires that invaded Quintaria are in a huge war right now against the MysticalWolves. The Lands Of The Legendary Dragons is a marvelous place from silver, to golden, to platinum dragons these three types of dragons are a rarity. Raindell a land where the elf council kingdom is. The Lands Of Legaro, the Lands Of Ligbrion, the Lands Of Rajesturn. The OrcGoblin which is a powerful half Orc and half Goblin he’s located near the Ice Cave of Serpin. The Toxidareon Castle of Darblake is now revised. Neocralite where the clan of Darkside Raiders are and below Neocralite is the Lands of Insectris the land of Dark Insects. Near Scion and near Kiszterian is where the Great Scorpions are and in Kiszterian is where the two Dark Orbs are which they are guarded by a gigantic black scorpion. Espitinu where the cyborgs called the T-7 Series which a character named Darkstar created who resides in Darblake his main goal to inject the T-7 Virus which would turn people against their own will. What a vile bastard Darkstar is though the Platinum Warrior of Ligbrion will put an end to Darkstar Rostan. The Platinum Warrior’s name is Domilas, he’s fought many upon many battles his love is like a diva in appearance she is beautiful, tries her hardest to be humble. Mercenia which is surrounded by fire though a fire that is like a land of volcanoes. The Lands Of Hybrida which are invested with Hybrid Vampire hybrid’ of Vampire and Dark Elf, the Lands Of Skulkren. The Arctic Hills of the legendary Arctic Eagle is located near the Lands Of Eagles. Below the Arctic Hills is the Land of the Ravens, and below Raventha. The Lands Of Starr is where the Pegasus’s and Unicorns are and below Starr is the Lands of The Angelic. Gento the talking pine tree and Jentry the talking oak wood tree are two characters that I find very unique. Insectra which is the Land of good Insects near the Lands of Legaro. The Yellow Dragons of Jenotha, the good orange/red dragons of Firenestera. As for Queen Elfindel she likes to think of MysticWolf has his/her lovely but Elfindel gets told no you’re not my lovely. Serpin the betrayer of the ice-dragons not rebellious is Serpin though when the rest of the ice dragons needed his help he did not return the favor. There wasn’t even a favor to re pay but when the ice dragons needed his help he wasn’t there for them. Instead he was out and about flying and to speak with Darkstar. Serpin went all the way from Arcticin all the way over to Darblake here Darkstar Rostan told Serpin to join the forces of his dark army. Serpin wasn’t sure he was even told of a huge empty cave that he could inhabit and for Rostan telling Serpin of the cave he was to join his dark army.




Chapter 1 The Vampires that Invaded the World




The Vampires of the Vampire King even took over these sacred pillars. The sacred pillars of Quintaria were taken over by the Vampires of Vampyric though the MysticalWolves!!! of Quintaria will battle the Vampires in a huge war to reclaim the pillars!!! Other’s wanted the sacred pillars for their own but Vampyric proved he wanted the pillars more than any on the other half of Quintaria. The forces of darkness has been growing strong but the warriors of the light are growing even stronger. Vampires are to blame for this outrage and now every single one of them is to pay for they all follow orders from Vampyric otherwise known as the VampireKing. Krystal went outside from the castle of Mystic and she saw a massive war going on, she turned around to go back into the castle but a Vampire was blocking the entrance. He said where do you think you’re going he withdrew his Vampire Sword two Mystical Wolves were on guard on top of the roof from the entrance they jumped down in front of Krystal and they growled and growled at the Vampire that stood as a threat to Krystal!!! Get out of my way you Wolves remember we are no Wolves to you Vampires we’re the Mystical Wolves. No longer will our Wolves be tranced by your Vampires. Then they morphed into a human like form. You are out numbered two to one the Mystical Wolves withdrew their Mystical Swords your king Vampyric started this war and we shall fight till thee very end for MysticWolf and for the peoples and for everybody in Quintaria. They went towards the Vampire, he swung his sword and blocked a few sword strikes but went to his knees and eventually the sword was knocked out from his hands then the Mystical Wolf on the left slayed the Vampire with his sword and thrust the weapon into his chest. Come now Krystal we shall take you to the Wolfsong Tavern!!! where you will be safe from harm. They run into a few Vampires but to no avail for the Vampires only got slayed. They have now reached the Wolfsong Tavern in you go princess of Quintaria. MysticWolf is seen inside of the Wolfsong Tavern I have got sliced with a sword on the shoulder she touches him it’s my right one the young warrior said. I’ll be fine Krystal I want you to take my pegasus Peguseri to the lands of Nioteri!!! where our secret fortress is. There are a few who say they know where it is but it’s never appeared to them in person. What about you my king never mind that ride into the sky to Nioteri and take this cloak this will cloak you from harm now go my love to Nioteri. Peguseri knows the entrance to the fortress of ours now ride swiftly into safety. The young warrior shows her Peguseri he enters, the Vampires you see are no match for Peguseri he always shakes them off when in flight. They kiss and embrace afterwards then she mounts the pegasus and they ride off from the Wolfsong Tavern to Nioteri. She flies into the night and during all the chaos the princess rides towards their fortress. Peguseri starts to head towards the ground, lands swiftly in front of the pathway to the fortress of MysticWolf. Peguseri makes a horse like sound and the entry way door opens. The pegasus and Krystal makes their way into the fortress when they entered the fortress doorway closed. Stay with me her Peguseri the pegasus answers her by an up and down movement from his head. So you will stay with me thank you and she kisses his forehead after she dismounted him. The showing of the Zentra which was once Darkstar’s Queen Elfindel stole the Zentra from him. The Zentra which is a force of dark magic needs to be destroyed it needs to be no more for it’s causing a lot of destruction in the world. The Zentra which was created by Queen Elfindel which is guarded by an opening hand with electricity coming from all sides it’s like a diamond the color of the Zentra is pitch black. MysticWolf will walk through hellfire and brimstone just to see the Zentra’s end. Queen Elfindel says look at my precious Zentra it’s power tremendous yet I heard the Mystical Wolves plan to rid of the Zentra when I don’t know but they want the Zentra destroyed. Elfindel’s Zentra has led many astray that were once innocent but no longer will Queen Elfindel be able to led the innocent astray. For Queen Elfindel’s audacity the young warrior will make sure that the mage pay’s a price and a big price at that. Vampyric summoned for the Pirates which sail the Gulf Of Sole. to invade the lands of Mystic to steal the jewel of Xenthorpe. The Pirates of Vampyric have to go all the way from the West side of the Gule Of Sole down to the far East of the Gule Of Sole They will enter the Evil Lake and the Sea Of The Dead. Their ship however keeps the Pirates from being taken under the Evil Lake which was infested with these serpent like creatures then into the Sea Of The Dead which has fallen victims from the Evil Lake the victims came from the Evil Lake the water carried them into the sea. The captain of the pirate ship said look out there these lake serpents are numerous once again aim cannon balls now fire and his pirates fired cannon balls from each side and even from the back of the ship, the front of the ship even had two cannons. Once the pirates of Vampyric reached the Sea there were many innocent dead some were warriors of Quintaria trying to pass through so they could get to Darkivin the fortress of Queen Elfindel and Vampyric. The pirates have finally reached the lands, were near the lands of Dominor they made their way to Linnenduul and then from their down into the lands of Mystic. The pirates didn’t fare to well against the Elv’s of Linnenduul but there were tons of them instead of retreating to their ship they went down into the lands of Mystic. There the pirates of Vampyric failed the captain had his filthy hands on the jewel of Xenthorpe. It’s mine it’s mine, he said arrh arrh and cackled to the captain it’s all mine. Not so fast Captain Blackfist who goes there who goes there you say I am the one and only Elf of Mystic take your grimy hands off of Xenthorpe. We’ll see about that Elf withdraw your sword as you wish Blackfist the two clashed and in the end both swords were knocked out of each others hands. Captain Blackfist realized there was one option left so he took his pirate gun from his side and before he drew the pirate gun the Elf of Mystic quickly withdrew his bow and fired a Mystical Arrow into the heart of Captain Blackfist. Give me my sword said Captain Blackfist my sword my sword so the Elf of Mystic tossed Blackfist his pirate sword then he died.


Jentry the talking oak tree along with the ForestMen who are from the Forests Of Mystic. The Good wizard whom has a home in the Forests Of Mystic Norgred the purple wizard. Is a very important aspect to the Forest Of Mystic. Strykker leader of the Field of Riders went into the Forests of Mystic along with the other riders of Stelleron. They’re Vincent, Theon, Uminon. The four are known as the Iron Horsemen of Stelleron. During the night the Vulture’s of the Vampyric went into Stelleron, so the Vultures traveled a long way just to reach Stelleron. They rested one night, the next night during that night the Vultures went into the lands of Stelleron and they started pecking at the peoples of Stelleron, man your horses said Vincent of Stelleron, fight off all those Vultures. It’s Vampyric he is striking again we must send him a message, and by doing so we must make them retreat, so the Iron HorseMen of Stelleron drove them back to the Dark Fortress from which they came from. Quite some Vultures were slayed in the battle against Vampyric’s Vultures. Then we have the Hawks Of Norrain are very majestic birds they are quite big in size though not massive in size. They’re well kept by the Hawk Warrior Jarek. Jarek has a clan of warriors in armor they’re called the Hawken Warriors of Norrain. Queen Elfindel is furious and has sent Uruk-Hai to obliterate the Hawken Warriors. A lot of Hawken Warrior’s were taken down but the young warrior came to Jarek’s aid for he was about to be slayed. Jarek was about to be slayed by the head master Uruk-Hai. Vampyric’s Dark Bat’s fly into Linnenduul and into Mystic. Legions of Dark Bats are like one with each other in fact Vampyric is sending his Dark Bats to the Lands Of Linnenduul and to the Lands of Mystic. The bats of Vampyric were sent to battle the MysticalWolves of course the MysticalWolves can’t be bitten by Dark Bats then to become Vampyric like that’s not possible their bite doesn’t affect the MysticalWolves so hence they will never mix. Vampire and MysticalWolves do not belong just like when the Werewolves had a war against the vampires and one hybrid was created because of the war but put on a medallion so he wouldn’t become a Werewolf and as well found another medallion which prevented him from any of his Vampyric traits from showing. That Werewolf was eventually slayed by the young warrior MysticWolf for the sake of humanity and for the sake of the world, which protected anyone of thought of Vampire scum and the majestic MysticalWolves. Thanks to the creator of MysticalWolves the young warrior MysticWolf is now looked upon as a mighty warrior. Darkstar is unveiled and his Toxidareon castle though Toxidareon is located in Darblake while Esrin has a lair inside Darkstar’s fortress. Serpin an ice dragon of Arcticin goes to Toxidareon castle where he meets BlackPearl the black dragon. Darkstar Rostan offers Serpin to rule with him and BlackPearl, in order for that to happen Serpin must betray Arcticin.


(If you need to take a look at the map)…




Chapter 2 MysticWolf & Norgred




The overly powerful Darklord sought out this Time Streaming device created by the Time Streamer himself Norphius. A wizard named Fandoren is an enemy of Norphius. Norphius was once a good wizard but his knowledge of devices, his superior intellect was his own self destruction for Vampyric persuaded Norphius to work for him. Though the Darklord was seeking the Time Streaming device so he could go into the future, to see if his schemes had worked. The Mystical Wolves that of which were thought of by the young warrior himself. A good wizard is the young warrior and not just that though his powers are that of thunder, fire, ice and the ability to fly and he has a staff that of which he doesn’t need he also has a sword called the Mysticsword and the young warrior has a Mystical bow and his Mysticarrows. His Mystical Wolves have the power to fly and are very agile and are very smart and intellectual. They can breath arctic mist, their enemy the Vampires of Vampyric can breath fire. MysticWolf then confronted his beautiful princess and said I give you a White Crystal that of which I made for you to protect you against Queen Elfindel’s Dark Elv’s and a cross for protection against the Vampires of Vampyric. He keeps her name a secret for he doesn’t want anyone knowing that he’s with her since there are Vampires that might come after her if they knew. Though the Vampires, the Dark Elv’s know if they touch her there will be hell to pay. Her nickname is Krystal for the White Crystal that she wears which was given to her by her love MysticWolf. There love for each other is compassionate a love that shines brighter than any treasure. MysticWolf was told by the good wizard that wore purple to finish off DarkLord once and for all for he’s caused much chaos in Quintaria and the good wizard that of which wear’s purple named Norgred can’t stand Darklord. So Norgred had MysticWolf slay cyborgs from the Lands of Espitinu. The Evil Lake which is filled with underwater creatures that serve Darklord. Underwater serpent creatures that serve the darkness but no fear only the evil lake of Darklord has these vile underwater things go into the Hellfire Kingdom which is Darklord’s. MysticWolf confronts DarkLord, the Dark One then told MysticWolf so we meet again do we, well this is the last time we shall fight, the loser of this battle will be slayed. MysticWolf said to DarkLord in reply I intend to slay you, I will. MysticWolf then took a swing at DarkLord, took the fight to the DarkLord the ruler of all darkness. The DarkLord fought back against MysticWolf with everything he got, DarkLord said, MysticWolf you’ll never defeat me, MysticWolf replied I will make sure to it that you evil scum are destroyed once and for all. You will be defeated and destroyed, said the warrior of light. DarkLord replied back to MysticWolf and said you really think that you can destroy me the king of all darkness. MysticWolf told the DarkLord king of the darkness that his reign will not last one more day, after MysticWolf said that the battle continued for hours, nightfall eventually came over the skies, and the battle ended with MysticWolf putting a Mystic Arrow into his black heart. DarkLord then staggered back and forth, then MysticWolf impaled his MysticSword into DarkLord's chest, it went all the way. The Alpha of the MysticalWolves the young warrior watched DarkLord impaled, and DarkLord tried to remove the sword from his chest though to no avail, then DarkLord's Hellfire Kingdom of evil was starting to crumble from within. MysticWolf quickly thrust his MysticSword out of DarkLord’s chest, then told DarkLord his days are over, that he shall never hurt anyone again. DarkLord fell back to his knees, sunk to the ground waiting for his Hellfire Kingdom to fall on him, though DarkLord tried to regain strength though couldn’t. MysticWolf then took his MysticAx, drove it once into the chest of DarkLord, then drew back his MysticAx, then did something to cleanse the MysticAx, with that the young warrior MysticWolf made his way eventually to the exist, though was somehow barricaded, and so MysticWolf used his Mystic WarHammer, broke the barricade, made his exit out of the Hellfire Kingdom. With MysticWolf’s victory over DarkLord the Hellfire Kingdom collapsed from within. MysticWolf on his white horse rode back to Mystic and a meeting was held in the council room with six other members each were summoned from their lands to met at MysticWolf’s castle. The warrior Sunfalcon, the warrior LightAngel, the warrior BeetleKing, the warrior the Elf of Linnenduul, and the warrior ArcticEagle. From the new round table Deslon had a sword presented to whomever would pick up the sword though this sword was the Sword of Quintaria. Well said all seven of the well known warriors of Quintaria we each have our own swords I think the sword of Quintaria should be in the corridor of where Deslon stays for he is Quintaria’s high council general throughout all the lands. The shield of Quintaria was presented, so was the armor of Quintaria. As well specially made Quintaria Arrows and a Quintaria Bow were presented to the new round table.




Chapter 3 The Werewolves Join the War Against the Vampires




The Werewolf King made a fellowship with Wolves pledging their allegiance to riding of all Vampires. Just remember this said the Wolves we might be wild but not wild like a lion as well we aren’t insane like a Werewolf for you know once a man that was bitten turns into a Werewolf during a full moon it’s neither the moons fault for that was the curse but it wasn’t the moons fault. We also don’t howl at the moon maybe from time to time it might seem like that but we Wolves would usually thinks it’s a waste of time unless it’s a beautiful bright full moon. The Mystical Wolves said this to the Werewolves about Wolves and even said MysticalWolves are not anything like Werewolves. The fellowship was made between them and another battle had begun. There is this one Dark Werewolf who was taken by Vampyric and with some wizardry by Queen Elfindel the Werewolf was now under their control finally a Werewolf under their control but if MysticWolf has anything to say about it the DarkWerewolf will be slayed by doing so the Werewolf would highly appreciate that cause once slayed the spell would wear off unless something can be done something that would remove that spell. Queen Elfindel tied the Werewolf up and moved his hands against his forehead but the Werewolf did not bite for Elfindel waved his hands which put the Werewolf under his control for awhile. This is our eight battle between one another and I’m going to teach him a lesson and I remember one time I was almost captured Vampyric was going to toss me off the Mountain Of Fire though Elfindel saved me but he knows that I would never join them for one I despise Vampires already and for I never want to like them. I am a Mystical Wolf not a Vampire, nor Werewolf. I have Wolven in me and I’m proud of that and I never want them to co-exist for just like Werewolves and Vampires have never co-existed I don’t want Mystical Wolves either for Vampires are scum and the Werewolves know that too. Though Mystical Wolves and Werewolves are different but maybe just maybe if the Mystical can trance the Werewolf for his own good then, or if the Werewolves can just recognize that they become rabid and they must be controlled then we will be able to get along. MysticWolf rides his horse into the lands of Kiszterian. MysticWolf arrived at the foot of Queen Elfindel’s castle. MysticWolf then withdrew his sword and from the entrance of the castle the warrior fought off quite a bit of Dark Elv’s. Then made his way into the castle, fought off more Dark Elv’s until he made his way to the Werewolf that had become possessed by Elfindel. Queen Elfindel release him or else I will have to slay him now and not later. Never I shall not release my Werewolf yes you shall for your end his near Elfindel no my end is not near Elfindel replied yours is we’ll see about that warlock. Queen Elfindel released the Darkwerewolf on MysticWolf though the warrior over powered the Werewolf and then with his sword drove it into his chest and then took a silver dagger and drove it into his side and with that the Dark Werewolf had been slayed. Noo!! said Elfindel you ruined my master plan and now you shall pay and Dark Elv’s started to come out from all corners attack him I don’t care if he’s dead or alive. MysticWolf fought through them all he got a sword attack to the shoulder that hit but only a dash came upon his shoulder it’ll heal soon said the warrior MysticWolf and he continued to fight his way out of Elfindel’s castle of Kiszterian. Then he mounted on his horse once out of the castle and made his way back to Mystic. MysticWolf used a de-werewolfer vile on the Werewolf King for when he was fighting Vampyric’s two generals that came to attack the Werewolf lands he went insane and somehow he didn’t recognize MysticWolf for the young warrior used his Mystical Staff that is mystic blue in color to trance him for good reasons for one so he wouldn’t go insane on him but he shook it off so quickly MysticWolf fired a de-werewolfer vile towards the Werewolf King meanwhile an army of Werewolves made their way into the Unknown lands, as well an army of Werewolves made their way to Kiszterian and attacked the Dark Elv’s of Queen Elfindel. The Mystical Wolves and the Wolves of Nioteri were summoned by the young warrior, they rode to Darkivin, attacked Darkstar’s fortress. Meanwhile…Blackpearl...the dragon of Darkstar was battling BlackPearl in a battle to protect the Lands Of Ligbrion for Darkstar had sent his black dragon into Ligbrion who caused mass disturbance in Ligbrion the peoples of Ligbrion were running, the Platinum Knight went to their rescue. The Platinum Knight fought BlackPearl and they rumbled and they even tumbled. BlackPearl hovered over the PlatinumKnight and opened his jaws, roared and then was going down to bite the Platinum Knight though the Platinum Knight reached for his Platinum Sword that was knocked down, then stuck the sword in his mouth. BlackPearl fell over dead…with a big thud… Inside the fortress is Esrin’s lair. Darkstar Rostan is seen walking to the lair of Esrin his dark queen. There’s nothing majestic as a dark queen said MysticWolf. The young warrior was standing across from Darkstar Rostan said out loud what the heck are you doing here I come for your head For you put a price on mine if I didn’t join you in your unholy crusade for nothing. The young warrior from his left hand threw a fireball into Rostan’s right eye. The wizard Wolf warrior MysticWolf drives his sword into Darkstar then MysticWolf then said to you’re finished Rostan now Esrin shall be no more. I go now to her lair Esrin shall be slayed. Esrin then appears, says to the young warrior. No one has been able to slay Darkstar except you were the one who did so for slaying Darkstar you’re powerful now kiss me you know you want to, MysticWolf replied No!! Esrin withdrew a dagger from her side. The young warrior took it from her after she swung it at him MysticWolf slayed Esrin by driving his Mystic Sword into her chest. The warrior MysticWolf reached for his Mystical Staff, then waved it back and forth which blasted out the rocks which had blocked access to the entrance that was of Darkstar’s. His staff was mystic blue in color more of a darker blue than a mystic blue.




Chapter 4 The Good Dragons of Quintaria




There’s the Yellow dragons of Jenotha their leader Xeron. The Yellow Dragons can make storms if they sense a storm is needed to slay any evil across the lands, or if they sense un-easiness within Quintaria. Jenotha dragons can breath electricity… In Jenotha it rains and thunders a lot, the eggs of the dragons in Quintaria are very wondrous looking especially the ones of Jenotha. The dragons of Jenotha if needed can make it lightning, they aren’t afraid of nothing. Xeron makes a statement to all of Quintaria that not all dragons are bad, not all dragons are slothful, that not all will eat you for lunch. The dragons of Quintaria are wondrous, they don’t really have tempers unless fighting Uruk-Hai, Femur’s, Orc’s, or Goblins. Six two headed Nazgul’s were driven back just recently from Jenotha back to where they came from Kiszterian. Some Jenotha dragons are now seen flying around Jenotha for they heard an attack might happen soon on Jenotha by the Orc’s of Queen Elfindel. In fact Elfindel did sent send some Orc’s four sections in fact into Jenotha. They’re on their way right now as we speak says Xeron I can just sense it prepare all Jenotha dragons for a battle against the Orc’s of Queen Elfindel. Neintron who is second in command of the Jenotha dragons was told to sound a roar that signaled an upcoming attack. Neintron roared which signaled to prepare for battle. The Jenotha dragons await the Orc’s of Queen Elfindel. There is Xeron, Neintron, Heikeris, Seionon of the Jenotha dragons that are of high rank. The Orc’s of Queen Elfindel arrive in Jenotha, you could see lot’s of knocking over of Orc’s in the battle against the Orc’s of Elfindel in Jenotha. There was no Orc’s left standing which those Orc’s came from the Dark Fortress. Queen Elfindel still has more Orc’s just not from her Dark Fortress. In fact the Orc’s asked for a co/commander to lead them, not just the OrcKing giving them orders. Then there’s Firenestra dragons which they are lead by Trenon who is a real king upon orange red dragons. These orange red dragons are very good, only know of goodness they know no evil. All the dragons know of no evil except for Serpin, Draconis, Inferno. There was four evil dragons though the Platinum Knight slayed the fourth one who was known as BlackPearl, now Rostan, BlackPearl are no more. Trenon who is talking to Sorinon in their huge dragon den. The dragons of Firenestra at the moment are fighting the Femur’s of Femuria sent by the FemurKing. They fought one another the Femur’s of Femuria swung their Femuria Ax’s, pounded with their fists while the dragons of Firenestra fought back by breathing fire, tail whipping the Femur’s. Trenon, Anorok, Heindros, Onesteros are the four main dragons in Firenestra in high rank. Violureon dragons are leaded by Jesnerion, a very proud purple dragon who in my mind deserves the purple heart for saving many lives within Quintaria. Violureon dragons can breath fire like all dragons though Violeureon dragons can also breath a smokescreen which is like a fog. In Violureon n the morning every other day you can see the air filled like fog which the dragons breath their smokescreen which causes the fog, actually they like it and it doesn't bother them. Jesnerion, Keinstow are preparing for a huge meeting of Violureon dragons for now a dragon named Keinstow is ready to become second in command for the Violureon dragons, and so the meeting was held, Keinstow was dubbed second in command of the Violureon dragons. What an honor indeed said Jesnerion, yes it’s an honor I’ll always remember throughout my time as a dragon. Queen Elfindel sent gigantic scorpions into the land’s of Violureon. Keinstow was ready for the Great Scorpions Queen Elfindel to come into Violureon cause he’s sure ready for them to bring on the fight. So the Great Scorpions are making their way into Violureon, and so the dragons of Violureon went smash, smash, stomp. The Great Scorpions that retreated they got smashed by Violureon dragons who chased after them. The dragons of Violureon of high rank are Jesnerion Keinstow, Leniero, Mesitero. Then there’s Istopolis dragons their leader Wentero. The blue dragons are very peaceful dragons but when an antagonist comes around they can get pretty defensive if they are physically threatened. In Istopolis you get a lot of mystic blue sky’s Just like in the Land’s Of The MysticalWolves. MysticBlue sky’s are very beautiful though. Wentero said to the Istopolis dragons at the meeting of the blue dragons that Terono will take over in command for thirty days while I’m gone to Jenotha to talk about their most recent battle with the Orc’s of Queen Elfindel. There is Wentero, Terono, Qeuintero, Renderiosion. Wentero went for thirty days, Wentero, Xeron of Jenotha became really close friends. The fleet of Orc’s that of which Queen Elfindel sent got annihilated none was left standing none were left alive. Queen Elfindel wanted to obliterate Jenotha and doesn’t give an oblivion about them. Queen Elfindel’s disregard for things will lead to her doom. Elfindel’s rage is slowly building and I think she plans to cause an all out war that will get the all the Land’s of Quintaria that are on the good side to make her wanted mage in fact she is an already wanted mage for crimes against the young warrior. Last but not least the Arcticin dragons their leader Osteren. Osteren an extremely valiant dragon who is the general of the ice dragons. In Arcticin there is a lot of snow during the winter. Arcticin dragons can breath artic mist which freezes their enemy. As well Arcticin has two snowy mountains. It doesn’t get hot in Arcticin though it does get somewhat warm in Acticin from time to time. In Arcticin it can snow a lot, and a snow storm can be a big one at that.. Osteren, Serpin are very close to one another but so is Reono. Reono isn’t all that found of Serpin too much for he feels Serpin only thinks of himself, that he needs to care more for the other dragons of Arcticin. Serpin finally returns from his meeting with Rostan in Darblake Toxidareon was filled with many poisonous plants, many vines which Rostan told Serpin about but didn’t show, and now Rostan is no more thanks to the Platinum Knight. Serpin now is now in Arcticin, is making his way to home Osteren will be very upset at Serpin for he knows not where he has been, while he’s been out and about the Arcticin dragons are in a battle right now, and it’s getting nasty. Reono is now seen talking to Osteren, I will personally have Serpin kicked out of Arcticin for not being here with us in battle, and even if he does show up late. There is Osteren, Reono, Serpin, Nioron in high rank of the dragons of Arcticin. There is some green dragons throughout Dragon Island it’s the biggest island to say the least that I have ever heard of. Branthrack is the leader of the green dragons in Quintaria. The rare dragons are the silver, gold, platinum. The leader of the silver dragons is Silva Rage, the general of the gold dragons is Goldra, the leader of the platinum dragons is Dragolite. Here Are The Good Dragons Of Quintaria… Xeron of Jenotha Trenon of Firenestra Jenerion of Violureon Wentero of Istopolis Arcticin of Osteren.


The Shadow Dragon Smoke of the Lands Of Shadows…”Shadowmere”… that’s ShadowMan’s dragon. He’s not a black dragon though in appearance is in form of a shadow. ShadowMan and his army of Shadow dragons are in a war against the black dragons of Vampyric. Vampyric said out loud whomever this warrior’s name is he used the power of Shadow’s to undermine us. He has asked the shadows for his help in the battle against the ever growing darkness in Quintaria but good shall prevail it’ll find it’s way. Vampyric said fly to Shadowmere and attack the Shadow Dragons!!! so they fly into Shadowmere and a huge battle begins… The Shadow Warrior’s of ShadowMan are letting their Shadow Arrows fly against the black dragons of Vampyric. They fought and fought until the black dragons were driven off by the warrior’s of Shadowmere and the Shadow Dragons. Only a few black dragons returned to Vampyric he was like Noo!!!! we failed in the battle against the Shadow Dragons how can this be. Vampyric was quite upset Nordgene a lieutenant vampire of Vampyric entered the area to where Vampyric was seen to be in discontent now I shall send my army of vampires into the Lands of Mystic. Nordgene you go with them into the Land’s of Mystic and lead them into battle. So they start their journey but meanwhile some white dragons are seen roaming around. The White Dragons are the White Guardians of Quintaria. just like the winged wolves which are guardians of the Land’s of Mystic. They’re magnificiant creatures, good wizards love them. Fandoren even has a white dragon named Wintdra for he is as white as snow. Fandoren is another good wizard like Norgred.


There are yellow dragons, green dragons, blue dragons to red dragons, to purple dragons and the rare silver, golden, and even platinum dragons. Draconies who’s lair is the Mountain Of Fire he is a crimson red dragon. The second evil dragon is Serpin he’s an ice dragon he betrayed the ice dragons of Arcticin. The blue dragons are from Istopolis a land full of blue dragons most breath ice and for those that don’t it’s okay for they’re very tough. They only fight if needed along side the knights of Quintaria. The dragons of Quintaria are not slothful but they love to just lay down and relax and the rest of there time they spend either eating some fruit and or hunting Orc’s. Blue dragons are not temperamental but if threatened they will show you who’s boss. The One Sword which is really powerful was in the hands of Vampyric though during the battle upon ShadowMountain it was broken in half by MysticWolf his MysticSword caused the One Sword to break in half and what was left of the One Sword was cast into a hot pit of fire inside the Mountain Of Fire. After the young warrior slayed Draconies he threw both half’s into the hot pit of fire. Draconies was a very temperamental dragon who didn’t seek help for he always ignored advice, even if you gave him advice he never listened, actually Draconis served the Crimson Knight, they fought many battles together for Draconies only recognized the Crimson Knight. The Crimson Knight did battle the young warrior after he had slayed Draconies. They fought, fought each other, in the end the last man standing was the young warrior. Though the Crimson Knight did manage to slice the right shoulder of the young warrior MysticWolf. The young warrior had made the Crimson Knight go onto his knees, once the Crimson Knight went to his knees, then the ever so cunning, majestic MysticWolf went back to his homeland Mystic where he received some Elvish medicine that of which the Elv’s of Linnenduul gave to the MysticalWolves of Mystic. The green dragons are from Dragon Island and they actually have a leader his name is Branthrack, Draconis who was one of the green dragons who was really was liked in Dragon Island his name Draconis though he betrayed the green dragons from Dragon Island to serve Queen Elfindel. Drakkan is also a well known in Island Of Green Dragons. Drakkan has a human like form he’s a warrior that can turn into a green dragon. Dragolite a platinum dragon of this warrior who’s armor is the color of platinum is very intellectual and very tough. Dragolite is the Platinum Warrior’s dragon. Next to Dragon Island is where the three rare kinds of dragons are. This golden dragon named Goldra, a silver dragon named Silva are two very well known dragons along with Dragolite. This warrior called the Golden Knight is friends with very well known golden dragon Goldra and asked for him to come with him into the Land’s of Ligbrion. A knight known as the Silver Knight became friends with Silva a silver dragon. Back at Dragon Island Drakkan the green dragon is shown turning into a person like form. Brantrack the most respected of the green dragons, smartest is known for his ability to communicate with the peoples throughout Quintaria. The extremely agile, quick Branthrack is king of Dragon Island. Dragon Island is extremely beautiful and these dragons are definitely not slothful nor should you fear them. Though when in they’re in battle you should respect them for they won’t show you no mercy, and if Branthrack let’s say is to corner a Femur against a rock he won’t stop for a second, he will finish him off quickly. Serpin was mixed with emotions and went back to Arcticin when he arrived a huge battle was going on between the ice dragons and Orc’s, Femurs. Osteren the leader of the ice dragons was asked Serpin where were you we needed you and now this battle is almost over. I didn’t know the Orc’s and even the Femur’s of Femuria had planned an attack on us. Where were you exactly I was looking for a cave to inhabit and where exactly is this cave you found is it beyond the boundaries the land of the lines for you know when the other half of Quintaria was corrupted that half was off limits to any one who pledged their allegiance to the protection, and well- being of Quintaria. So where is this cave in which you so want to inhabit it’s near Darblake I’ve heard enough Osteren said in a very upset voice then a loud ’roar’ was heard. I here by banish you from Arcticin and the warrior MysticWolf and our high council general Deslon will sure find out about this. Serpin replied I ran into Darkstar he wants me to join his dark army in exchange for the cave it was he who told me about the empty cave. What was your response to his offer I was shocked and mixed with emotions. You betrayed the oath not to go over the land of the lines though if you promise that going over there was never to happen again you shall be forgiven. Meanwhile during Serpin’s and Osteren’s conversation they ran into a few enemies which they fought off together. More Orc’s, Femur’s showed up and a Femur came out of no where and threw a FemurAx into Osteren’s side. A loud cry more so a scream in agony was heard Serpin do something freeze the wound and then pull it out. Serpin did help Osteren but he was soon banished by Reono, with that Serpin left sadly to where he didn’t no where he was going, he inhabited a cave named Surpestine that of which is near Orkob of the OrcGoblins. The OrcGoblins wouldn’t even go near Serpin for he doesn’t have anything they want though Serpin is neither good nor evil. He decided to be a shade of grey. Two other ice dragons Nirosten, Meinin came to Osteren’s side and Nirosten slayed the Femur which threw the FemurAx into Osteren’s side. Osteren was badly wounded, as for Serpin he couldn’t stand the fact seeing Osteren hurt like this though decided to inhabit the cave near Darblake and make it his own. Nioron was like goodbye Serpin I know that you will not ever fight against us inhabit a cave or something, as a matter of fact Serpin did inhabit a cave, he named it Surpestine. With Darkstar Rostan out of the way Serpin doesn’t have to worry about Rostan investigating the cave of Orkob. For Darkstar would have found out eventually that Serpin was near Darblake. The OrcGoblins of Orkob served Rostan but now the only ones they serve are themselves. In Orkob all the OrcGoblins all serve the OrcGoblin King. This battle is near over Osteren will survive now with the FemurAx taken out he should be okay. He’s being attended to right now, this battle is now over. With the FemurKing slayed their attack on Arcticin was rather weak in fact the Femur’s made a big mistake trying to invade Arcticin without their leader for they had not placed a new Femur general in the ranks so their attack did not go as planned. Though with Osteren badly hurt they did something in which hurt Arcticin that’s if Osteren isn’t going to be okay which I think he’ll be okay. Reono then sit down near the wounded dragon you’ll be okay. This Elf from Dominor should be able to help us it’s some Elvish medicine for your wound my general Osteren. Why thank you Neyro for your kindness towards us dragons we owe you Elv’s of Dominor. Well we might need you Reono in a battle against Femur’s will you come in about three weeks for about let’s say a week to help us watch over Dominor for I heard the attack will be very brutal, they will be in the numbers. Reono replies with a yes I sure do want to tail-whip some Femur’s revenge is not good they say but for Arcticin I shall avenge for Osteren. Good then I will see you in three weeks, to help us in battle. Meanwhile ShadowMan and his Shadow Warriors are seen together preparing for the battle against Uruk-Hai and the Femur’s. Attack!! says the Uruk-Hai leader of this section of Uruk-Hai. The Shadow Warriors had great camouflage at night, though this was day, though know you can actually see them. Six Femur’s went on to slay nine Shadow Warriors. What the heck thought ShadowMan, then he even said what the heck. ShadowMan slayed three Femur’s, four Uruk-Hai. The Shadow Warrior said these Femur’s are sure in the number there are so many of them it seems I hear from the young warrior MysticWolf that Queen Elfindel keeps attacking Land’s throught Quintaria with Cave Trolls under her command, Uruk-Hai, Femur’s, OrcGoblins, Orc’s, as well Goblins. Queen Elfindel talks about madness she is madness she must be slayed for the sake of the people’s of Quintaria, all who are of Quintaria. Left and right, left and right the Femur’s keep coming, from all sides they move towards the Shadow Warriors but the Shadow Warrior’s of the Land of Shadow’s fears nothing, fear’s not Queen Elfindel. Ever so more intense this battle is becoming stand your ground Shadow Warrior’s do not let up be unrelenting in your offensive, uncanny in your defense. This battle against the Femur’s will go down in history as a battle unseen before. She must have sent 2 legions of these Femur’s and depending if you’re a mage, or an Elf, or a Dwarf it’s different for the Shadow Warrior’s are with their Shadow Swords and their cloaking ability really bring it to the Femur’s so actually the Shadow Warrior’s have the advantage in the fight against the Femur’s from Femuria. There was three Shadow Warrior’s that got three Femur’s from behind, broke their necks. ShadowMan drove his Shadow Blade into the throat of a Femur for he was about to drive both fists towards ShadowMan’s head so he had to act quickly. ShadowMan even cut off an arm of this upcoming Femur approaching him from behind, then one came from the side, the courageous warrior Shadowman sliced the Femur’s neck and the Femur that was coming to the side fell over with a loud thud. The Shadow Warrior’s drove the Femur’s back but a lot of them got taken down by Shadow Arrow’s. A Femur that is a prized fighter

to the Femur’s of Femuria returned and admitted defeat. The prized Femur fell to his knee’s basically acknowledging that he is asking for forgiveness. FemurKing thought mercy…grumble…grumble…grumble… A Femur nearby socked the prized fighter hard, the Femur was going to fight back but he was awaiting forgiveness from the FemurKing. Then took his Femuria Ax which was near his Femur throne and then slammed it down. Then placed his big hands on the prized Femur fighter’s shoulders, forgave him. The FemurKing went over to the Femur who punched the prized Femur fighter, took pushed him down, summoned for the Femur executioner, the Femur who hit the Femur general got an FemuriaAx to his head. The FemurKing then picked it up and through into the fire that was set near them. Then entered nine Orc’s from the Dark Fortress of Queen Elfindel, Vampyric. As well twelve Goblins from Gobellion enter right after all nine Orc’s are in the Femuria’s domain. The Orc’s, Goblins get into a somewhat of a scuffle. Then six OrcGoblins from Orkob come in, they say look at these Orc’s, Goblins harassing each other wasting their times look at us we are a combination of Orc, Goblin we are as one said an OrcGoblin general. Then an Orc, a Goblin that were right next to each other agreed to brawl with the OrcGoblins to show that the two don’t like each other. Then five Cave trolls enter what the heck thought the FemurKing, thought Cave trolls what are they doing here, as well two frost trolls show up what the heck I invited none of you here. Seven Uruk-Hai show up and start fighting some Femur’s for while in a battle together it was a most recent battle against the Shadow Warrior’s it didn’t last long but the two got into a huge fight. Queen Elfindel storms in enough all of you this is not what I had in mind I wanted all of you to be discussing the master plan that I have to take over Quintaria, what do I get fighting between our allegiance do you all even remember what that allegiance is that allegiance is to make me ruler of the world the entire world shouted Queen Elfindel. He made a fist I do not accept failure for if you fail I shall have all that fails executed, maybe just maybe I might spare those who do not succeed in battle though they will be under strict punishment, they will have to work, work, work their hinds off for me. The Cave trolls for one can’t talk all they were there for was to see that business got taken care of. Queen Elfindel before she left said I want all of you minions to my command to wreck havoc, for you all to spew carnage, for all that defy me to feel Elfindel’s wrath. The FemurKing then raised his Femuria Ax in the air and then made a signal to start marching, he rounded all of them and they all pledged an alliance to each other until this war is over. Queen Elfindel doesn’t want a single human alive all she wants is to put everyone who does not serve her in ball and chains. She even would whip the peoples in Quintaria if she was to take over the entire world of Quintaria would be a sad place so with that known Queen Elfindel and her evil elv’s must be obliterated. The Vampires of Vampyric must be decimated. The two big evils of Quintaria must be slayed in battle Though as I say this the servants of Elfindel march their way to the lands of which the mage describe. Uruk-Hai, Orc to the Land’s of Ligbrion, Cave Trolls, Frost Trolls into the Land’s of Legaro. Queen Elfindel’s Orc’s from her Dark Fortress are very baneful. Elfindel will stop at nothing to make sure the young warrior is in her arms but you see the young warrior doesn’t even want anything to do with her she proclaims she can give him the world but he’s already got his homeland Mystic. She proclaims that she wants him to rule the world when the young warrior has accomplished so much, the young warrior makes a point that he needs the mage not. One time ago when Queen Elfindel had the young warrior in her Dark Fortress for she had put a deep spell on him which he was able to shake off, something of which he doesn’t take for granted, in fact the young warrior takes nothing for granted, appreciates and acknowledges his blessings. The mage Queen Elfindel who likes dressing up as a woman who likes to be acknowledged as a witch almost kissed the young warrior several times but he knew that Elfindel wasn’t really a witch but a really powerful and tricky mage and that he would never kiss a man. Man is meant for Woman for that’s what the young warrior believes. He believes man was created first, but with that known he does firmly believe that Women should be treated as equals and if he has anything to say about it they will be. The young warrior whom possesses the spirit of the wolves, whom of which thought of the MysticalWolves for the young warrior was blessed as a mage he was born a good wizard. He was told a story by someone, he heard of a very good wizard only intended to do good, when someone tried to force him to be evil he just fell over thinking, saying I cannot, I cannot leave me alone I can’t commit an act of evil he said I was born a good wizard and a good wizard I shall and want to remain. The mage helped civilians throughout Quintaria as well learned some more of his trade from the extraordinary wizard Norgred wore dawns always a purple cloak. Meanwhile the Yellow Dragons of Jenotha are storming up a storm with rain and thunder. For there are some Uruk-Hai, many Orc’s that is trying to invade Jenotha. Xeron speaks…all yellow dragons of Jenotha… prepare to stomp, do anything necessary to send these vile scumbag’s back where they came from. Uruk-Hai come in with their blades and slaughtered a few Jenotha dragons. Xeron ROAR!! After Xeron roared a loud roar Xeron trampled on a few Uruk-Hai. Then went to stomp on a few Orcs, as well even when they were practically dead he tail whipped them many feet back. Xeron breathed electricity on a few Uruk-Hai’s, showed them who’s boss and that Elfindel shall not have her way, that she is going to eventually pay the piper for her crimes against the world. The Jenotha dragons slay all the Uruk-Hai that was sent by the Uruk-Hai master, slayed all the Orc’s of Queen Elfindel that were sent into Jenotha. Throughout all the land’s of Quintaria they all know about Queen Elfindel, Vampyric. The Vampires Of The Night have created a Vampyric plague, have even started to lurk behind trees, there are some Vampires now that are not in the Land’s of Unknown but are just lurking in parts throughout Vampyric’s, Queen Elfindel’s side of Quintaria. The young warrior intends for the other half of Quintaria to break off after this war is over he intends an ocean to cover the once pure half of Quintaria. Quintaria is already ultra gigantic in size and could be considered a huge world within itself. It’s map is mammoth in size and Quintaria is extremely majestic, and extremely beautiful. Unique are all the places of Quintaria, the young warrior is know seen waving the flag of Quintaria. Meanwhile The Firenestra dragons are in a meeting with Trenon of the Firenestra dragons so that they will be prepared in the battle against the Femur’s of Femuria. Trenon led his Firenestra dragons into Femuria where they fought many Femur’s. The FemurKing took down many of Trenon’s dragons though Trenon responded by setting half of Femuria ablaze. The FemurKing and many Femur’s had to retreat to Kizterian Queen Elfindel’s castle. The young warrior is trying to ruin my plans he’s doing everything in his power to stop me. I just want to hold him and I know that’s never going to happen but I must keep attacking Quintaria until he learns that I will never submit I will never surrender until the young warrior is on his knees in an embrace. What said Queen Elfindel all these Femur’s are coming into my land’s no!! no!! no!! they have Femuria which the FemurKing thought of. Queen Elfindel cast a spell of which the FemurKing could speak where he could understand him. The Firenestra dragons have set half of Femuria ablaze have your Dark Elv’s stop the fire from spreading before our whole lands are no more. We slayed many orange/red dragons but no avail. Then we shall send this one army that I have it’s a type of dragon that of which Rostan used the black dragon. I created an army of them they shall go into Firenestra and fight them till the death. It shall be a vicious battle So a few sections go into Femuria and but out the spreading fire, the army of black dragons were released to go into Firenestra. Trenon said to his Firenestra dragons look an army of black dragons are in the sky they have come for us this is the time to say not all red dragons are evil though we’re orange/red dragons so there’s quite a difference between us and red dragons look they are in the numbers. I need you Anorok to fly into to Jenotha, ask for ally for these black dragons are in the number hurry, be extremely assertive. Anorok knocks two black dragons down, then knocks four more down to make his way out of Firenestra. Anorok is able to bring back two sections which is twenty four Jenotha dragons. Anorok and the yellow dragons of Jenotha make there way to Firenestra, as quickly as possible they flew to help their brothers in battle to fight off the black dragons of Queen Elfindel. Fifteen dragons of Firenestra were slayed by the black dragons. Though none of the four ranked Firenestra dragons were killed they are still taking it to the black dragons of Elfindel. Luckily for the arrival of help from the Jenotha dragons many black dragons were slayed, four more dragons of Firenestra were slayed but none of the Jenotha dragons were slayed, sometimes the two had to team up against Elfindel’s dragons not cause they were more powerful but because their number was too great, so it was a must that they teamed up until they were driven back to which they came from. The Darklord that of which

was slayed by the young warrior had a dragon which he called the Dragonlord but the Dragonlord grew too powerful and he tried to slay the Darklord. So the Darklord at to slay his own dragon though the Darklord is no worry for he and his Hellfire Kingdom are no more. The Violureon dragons ordered by their general Jenerion are helping MysticWolf, other warriors in the war against evil, were a big help in slaying many Vampires, Uruk-Hai. Blowing smoke in the faces of the Vampires, Uruk-Hai was great amounts of help in making Vampyric retreat his troops which he hated the fact that he had to pull them out. The Uruk-Hai were confused by the smoke but they kept swinging their Uruk-Hai Blade’s thinking they were still near the dragons of Violureon. The purple dragons fought, fought the Vampires, Uruk-Hai until they were all slayed. Vampyric has now failed, once he learned of the fleet that of which he sent failed him he went berserk, started to through his fists against the nearest wall. As well the Uruk-Hai master was disgusted in his fleets failure that he took his Uruk-Hai blade and drove it against the ground. The Violureon dragons celebrated and the Elv’s of Linnenduul found out about their victory, were happy for them. Jenerion roared about signaling their victory over the Vampires of Vampyric, the Uruk-Hai of the Uruk-Hai master. The Violureon dragons, all the good dragons of Quintaria know about the evil black dragons that Elfindel spawned. Queen Elfindel must be slayed Elfindel the evil mage need’s to be slayed for the sake of Quintaria. Meanwhile the Istopolis dragons, their leader Wentero are gathered in a meeting to prepare for an attack against Istopolis from the OrcGoblins, from the Goblins of Gobellion. All Istopolis dragons stand guard and protect Istopolis from these horrible disgusting things. Afterwards Wentero sent a legion of Istopolis dragons into Gobellion and into the cave which is known as Orkob. It’s clearly known now that the Goblins of Gobellion are no match of Istopolis dragons as well the Orkob OrcGoblins put up a fight against the blue dragons only slaying one blue dragon. The dragons of Istopolis are flying around and then descending from the air tail-whipping the OrcGoblins from Orkob, as well smashing the Goblins of Gobellion, sending them back to where they came from. The Goblins, OrcGoblins are seen retreating now out of Istopolis. All of this is happening because of Queen Elfindel all these attacks against Quintaria are of Elfindel’s madness, her fury to regain the young warrior but you see Quintaria and the young warrior are as one. All of Quintaria cares for the young warrior, Deslon especially cares for him. Deslon and the young warrior are great friends, though the ever so brilliant young mage can fly for a certain amount of time he’s rode on Deslon before who is a big flying wolf whom the young warrior treats Deslon like family. Deslon is loved throughout Quintaria is very smart, is extremely keen, agile, very enthusiastic when it comes to flying. Deslon is Quintaria’s council king along with the young warrior. The young warrior recently heard about the attack on Istopolis, is getting tired of Queen Elfindel, her attacks against Quintaria. There are also a race of dragons called Moon Dragons... they're mainly active at night, sleep most of the day... just cause they're very active cause of the night-time, when the moon is out they can breath lunar breath... These light orange color dragons are technically not Sun Dragons... but I guess they can be dragons that come from the sun... but oh my just like the Moon Dragons, these Sun Dragons are VERY rare...then comes platinum dragons, golden dragons, silver dragons... luckily the blue dragon eggs hatch the quickest, followed by yellow equally in hatching time...then the purple dragons, then the green dragons... the sun dragons take VERY long to hatch but they're VERY powerful they can breath solar breath. the rarest of the dragons I just told you their eggs take the longest to hatch...especially the solar, lunar dragons. All the dragons live on Zentar among with all the other civilians... though the sun dragons can enter the sun at will, the moon dragons can go to a moon.




Chapter 5 The Elv’s of Quintaria




The Elv’s of Dominor are known for their dominance In the archery competitions throughout the lands of Quintaria. All the lands on the good side of Quintaria are beautiful, some places are more beautiful than others the other half of Quintaria used to be very beautiful until Vampyric, Queen Elfindel, Rostan, the Darklord took over the other half so with that in mind the warriors of Quintaria must do everything in their power to protect what is Quintaria. The Elv’s of Dominor are also known for their council as well their extremely optimistic attitude. Domi is the leader of the Elv’s in Dominor, The second most well known Elf in the lands of Dominor is Genois. There are two more high ranked Dominor Elv’s Jineiter, Mineir. It’s been three weeks now, Reono is now in Dominor. The Femur’s are coming the Femur’s are coming man your positions. Guard the walls of Dominor. Many arrows are fired upon the many Femur’s that are coming. Two sections of Elv’s shout’s Domi I want two sections of Elv’s, and you Reono I want you in the middle of these two sections. Elv’s on top of the walls to the entrance of Dominor I want you fire your Dominor Arrow’s now!! fire them now!! The Femur’s are getting taken down left and right, a few Femur’s who got taken down got back up, persisted on to try and wreck homes, to try and damage the castle as much as they possible could. A few Femur’s who got shot with Dominor Arrows kept running forward. Linnenduul Elv’s showed up for Domi told Genois to blow the trumpet horn which is a summon for the nearest Elven clan to ally if needed in battle. The Dominor Elv’s didn’t need the Elv’s of Linnenduul for this battle but they summoned them anyways. So about seven Linnenduul Elv’s went on horse into the land’s of Dominor, fired their Linnenduul Arrows, a few of the Linnenduul Elv’s had to use their swords. Reono slayed nineteen Femur’s and most of the time he was in the air, picked them off with his jaws, chucked them from the sky, to the ground. The battle is growing ever so more intense with a lot of Femur’s being slayed, the Elv’s of Linnenduul are unrelenting with their firing of Linnenduul Arrows. One Linnenduul Elf named Riane was slayed, brought back to Linnenduul, buried once shown to Leon. Leon prepared to bid farewell to Riane. The battle in Dominor was though to be a huge battle though it turned out to be more than just a huge battle but a massive battle at that. Three Dominor Elv’s were taken out with Femur Ax’s though twenty seven Femur’s were slayed in the battle to protect Dominor. Reono slayed twenty three Femur’s by the time the battle came to an end. Reono came out hardly touched just took some punches, some headbutts to the body. A Femur tried to grab his tail but he just flicked the Femur into a huge boulder. Reono said to Domi, to Genois I am going home now back to Arcticin, when he returned he received an award, a celebration for slaying so many Femur’s. Cave Trolls are the toughest then Femur’s are the second toughest then Uruk-Hai, then Femur’s, OrcGoblins, Orc’s, Goblins. Orc’s don’t really like Goblins in fact they don’t care for one another, Orc’s, Goblins though for that matter don’t know what to think of the OrcGoblins they don’t mind each other less now but they still get in fights if they ever run into each other well from time to time they still do.


The Elv’s of Idioene are close friends with the Dwarves of Vinestereol. While the Giants Of Mistorianis are very good friends with the Elv’s Of Idioene. The Elv’s of Idioene are a little brass when it comes to attitude but the Dwarves of Vinestereol can’t say a thing when it comes to being brass cause at times they can be very brass. The two most well known of Idioene are Idolan, Lemnon. Idolan is holding a meeting inside the castle of Idioene inside the living room hall. Idolan asks Lemnon if he’s heard about the attacks on Dominor, Linnenduul, Lemnon replies of course I’ve heard of the attacks upon our brother lands. Lemnon says look at this beautiful kingdom we have Idioene it’s just magnificent don’t you agree Idolan yes it is quite fantastic Idioene is, I care for it more than anyone here in Idioene, and I hear that Uruk-Hai, Cave Trolls will be sent into our lands by Queen Elfindel so prepare all of you for war against Queen Elfindel for I’ve had enough!! of this mage’s madness. Well don’t be surprised that later on Queen Elfindel will start an all out war throughout all Quintaria said Lemnon. Well replied Idolan all of Quintaria knows to keep a look out for mentioned attacks by Queen Elfindel cause Elfindel is very dangerous we all know that. Idolan says to his Elven warrior&


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