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November 10th, 2022

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 16
Country: United States

Signup Date:
April 12, 2020


08/07/2021 01:33 PM 

Current mood:  used

Current song: Rehab by Amy Winehouse

Why was I a straight boys experiment? He says I look more "manly" then him (it's my arms, apparently), and then he treats me like a sexuality test. I feel like it's because I'm girly enough that it was worth a shot. :(

"No hard feelings, right?"

Thought I could message him again. It may as well be physical torture. We were gonna hang out and blast music and have a 2 person rave and now I can't stand to open my Discord.

Best friends/Ex friends.
You know that I'm no good.

I keep trying too hard to be all poetic and pete-wentz-blog-post-y. I'm tired. I was right when I said I wasn't sure this would last, but I thought I would be doing the split-off, not him breaking up with me on my first day at real life, no zoom high school. I don't wanna wear the bracelet anymore but it's like a part of me.

I'm too upset about it to even type about it. It f***ing hurts. I don't know if I'm even capable of romantic love for a million reasons, but if this is it, I don't want it.

Accidental Get Scared reference, lol.

(I'm not actually laughing. Hahahahahaha.)

Why isn't heartbroken one of the moods I can put?

I'm always the one getting broken up with, I'm always not enough or not what they wanted.

Summer night made cold, I came to tell you about my day, you came to rip into my skin. Left unread, leave me be, no it doesn't hurt.

Goodnight. I'm too sad and tired to jam out better poetry lyrical drafting than that.


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