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08/05/2021 01:47 PM 

yknow what, im about to say it
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  annoyed

i honestly hate how th internet has become. i mean, it used to be ur mothaf***in oyster. ppl building their own personal websites & being able 2 customize it however they wanted. message boards & web rings for anyone with a common interest. 

these days the most u get to do with ur typical social media is change ur icon & if ur lucky, a header image. no wonder kidz these days are circling back to sites like this, neocities & building their own pages on carrd. bc it can look however tf u want it to. not this stiff, set in stone minimalist sh*t.

and not 2 mention sh*t like websites selling ur data and devices spying on u to advertise. its sick. i miss the crazy, fun wild-west of the internet in its infancy & adolescence. and i hate this plain, big brother type sh*t we have today. they can hardly even show you sh*t in chronological order. its purposefully designed to put people who were already popular and famous at the forefront, while artists and content creators struggle 2 make a name for themselves or be seen at all. i h8 it!!! i h8 it all to hell!!


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