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August 8th, 2021

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 15
Country: Russia

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July 29, 2021


07/30/2021 01:06 PM 

interesting night
Category: Blogging

good night to everyone who sleeps and does not sleep! I personally do not sleep. in general, an interesting night I have today is issued. phoned a friend who serves in the navy, he sits and drinks coffee and gingerbread, and I eat a watermelon. smoked together via video link, and are still talking. tomorrow I have a manicure! for the first time in my life actually. have already chosen a design. I would like pure black, but my grandma was against .. I will not upset her. I think I'll be on a diet tomorrow, and I should stop drinking. a couple of hours ago I saw a bottle of Finnish vodka with cranberries in my grandfather’s office and drank 1/4 of the bottle in one gulp without hesitation, just to relax. it badly affects me and my figure, but more fun. By the way, my ex wrote to me, I wonder why. I think I'll put pressure on his anger, so that he realizes his guilt, and then we'll see. all good time and see you soon!


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