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Black Lives Matter

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July 15th, 2021

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June 21, 2020


06/12/2021 09:46 PM 

blog... its me star

hello... i wanna start posting here again but thats what i said in my last post and i was gone for almost a year. but hello. i want to get over my fear of future embarrasment bc when i try to journal or do things like this, i censor what i say out of fear that ill find it embarrasing in the future. which isnt fair tbh, the way i feel right now is important to me rn. and the way i communicate rn is the best way i can communicate rn. so its not fair for future me to shame what ive done in the best with all the faculties i had available to me. not only that, but past me is gone now. past me felt these emotions and said how they were honestly, so the only person who is affected by future me's shame is me. so. future me, if you read any of these entries some time from now, and you go "oh cringe..." i just have to say that thats quite embarrasing, bc you're only making yourself needlessly miserable. and if you've learned by then and looking back at these fondly, then thank you for understanding to the you back then. i hope that can translate to the you right now.

anyways, stream paint the town by loona (its now out yet but it will be when future you reads this. go listen to it and think of me/you/us)


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