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08/24/2021 10:31 PM 

if u like rambly blog posts, this one's for you~
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ey hey~ Another life update post ^^ I feel like I haven't written in forever! And I feel like I say that every time! XD It's nice to be back, I've been spending a lot of time trying to enjoy summer after everything that happened with school. Not a whole lot has happened tbh? But I'll take any excuse to write xP

eal quick, fun HTML thing for ppl who care abt that stuff: For the lace borders on this post, I used to have to estimate how long the post was gonna be, and have a bunch of duplicate images on top of each other (which is why some of my posts looked different when u looked at them on the main post feed vs. their individual post pages). Instead I figured out I can add the image as a background for the table boxes, so it'll be the right length no matter what! :D And it'll load faster, hopefully. I'm contemplating going back and updating some posts to be like this, but idk im feeling lazy xD tbh this opens up a ton of customization options for blog posts, I already have a ton of ideas xD I'm glad this works like this tho, I've noticed that sometimes the html editor on here doesn't like certain tag formats/wording, so it can be hard figuring out what you can do.
o! This past weekend I went to my friend's house. It was supposed to be for his birthday (which was actually on 7/30, but he couldn't do anything until now) but we just hung out and forgot to be festive™ xD I gave him his bday gift, and he really liked it!! So my risk paid off. I couldn't do all the ideas I wanted to do when I mentioned it on stream a couple of months ago, but I told him abt them and he appreciated the thought/efforts :P I got him this Sweet 1600 Frankie, and she was not easy to find, let alone get a good deal for. 
shoutout to his cat photobombing lol

 wanted to draw for the birthday card/envelope I had planned, but I just didn't have the energy to finish it tbh. I had the sketches done for Draculaura, Frankie, and Clawdeen's Sweet 1600 outfits, but it was just a lot of work lol. Here's the Frankie style test I did, it's the only thing I had colored (you prob saw the sketches I had on stream tho). Tbh I might finish those drawings one day? I still like them, so idk :P
've also been slowly but surely updating my site on Neocities. The biggest page I've been working on is for my magical girl collection. It's currently still kinda weird, but everything's there so it's ok for now xD And!! I've started using anchors too since it's such a long page, which is p fun. I will have to find a better way to organize it tho, bc as of rn there's a problem with some of the image links breaking since there's just too much to load. :/ But it's been fun keeping up with it and seeing what everyone else is doing on their sites ^^
very random thing, but I've mentioned on stream a few times I wanna learn to skate, and that's still very true. tbh I've always wanted to learn bc it seemed rlly cool, but I was just never in a position to do it? But lately watching viva la bam again has rly brought it out of me and made me realize how much I'm actually invested in trying. I never allowed myself to give it much thought since I realistically couldn't until now, and I didn't wanna get my hopes up for something I wouldn't be able to do at the time. But I've really missed being able to get around town ever since my bike got stolen (I still don't have a new one oof), and idk... it would be fun ^^ I can't wait to destroy my shoes and fall a lot xDD

h also!! I posted this on stream when it happened but I somehow got my hands on a Bullets CD?? It comes with this very cool quicktime player for music videos, and if I can find a way to rip it off the disc I'd love to upload it to, since I had no idea this was a thing you could get and it's a rlly cool thing tbh!! Like, what a cool little piece of software that someone made :P I love that kind of stuff, so here's to hopefully sharing. Something nice abt it is that there's a link to dl quicktime built in (bc who has quicktime these days, and apparently back in 2007), and the link actually works?? And the player is still compatible with the latest version of quicktime!?!? Considering how much I struggled with getting spicetify to run properly again after spotify's really stupid and meaningless update™ it was nice for something to just... work. :)

UPDATE: I uploaded it and forgot to post it. it's
here xD

ut yeah. Thx for reading as always. As lost as I feel about things like school and what to do with my life, fp has been a nice way to slow down and remind me that fun things I like to do are still important and worth participating in, regardless of how 'together' my life may or may not be.  That's an awfully deep note to end on, but I do love this little corner of the internet and the ppl who make it great. I hope we'll always be around ^^


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Sep 28th 2021 - 2:48 AM

thank u!  and aaa im flattered since ur site inspired me to finally make mine! i love the old internet feel it has ^^
(and yes bullets cd omfg ngl im still not over it )



Sep 27th 2021 - 12:35 PM

i love ur frankie drawing so cool! i get what you mean about having all these ideas for birthdays but at the last minute realsing how hard they actually are to complete oof. im hyped for your neocities updates! im jeleous(wow spelling) you have inspiration for your site personally mine is looking a lil rusty because i just get overwhelmed and confused when starting something new. also the bullets cd o m  f g

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