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06/10/2021 08:26 PM 

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ok so i started watching bojack like a week ago and ELLEVEN EPISODES IN AND I STARTED BUSTING OUT CRYING
i cant lol i think it might be bc i relate to bojack sm, i've told a lot of my friends (1 person) but they seemed unintrested lolol^^. back on topic, i just started the second season and so far its a lot more light harted then the first season!! the first season was supper hard hitting  i think it might be the way bojack makes out to be such a popular star and being "well off" but we all know that he is f**ked up!! and how he picks up really bad habits when he gets upset and also how he pushes people away bc he is scared.. like dude T-T wtf. and the way he is hoping that he can be a better person but no matter how hard he tries he is still an a**hole (like everyone says he is) and his reletionships with different people is very intresting. anyways i really like the show bu its a lot to commit to (ironic bc bojack hates commitment)  
also idk if i can really call this blogging but i'd like to have this space to be able to rate shows and write about the journey they take me lol^^ once i end the show i'll rate it 0 to 5!! i hape someone enjoys this and reads this as distaction from hard ships lolol^^ byebye 

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so im in the third season in and there was this episode that was kinda stange. well basiclly Ann? (i think idk) sent bojack to the "underwater" LOLZ silly anyways he goes underwater and he meets his old director and panics bc he got her fired (SHEESH) and he tries to apologize but fails, he get stormed by a bunch of fish and gets pushed into the bus he goes to sleep and wakes up to A MAN FISH GIVING BIRTH!? and he helps him LOLOL!! after the fish gave birth he leaves the bus but bojack gets left with one of the babies and he walks with the crying hungry baby till he find a convinience store to buy a fish milk. bojack didnt have the right currency (bc yk he is underwater) so he stole the baby food and some porno he bought (pervy) while the manager shark man chases him with a bat and a crobar. bojack finally outchases the shark and feeds the baby and finds a way to find the babys dad. so he goes to the factory where the dad works at but got into some trouble with the machines @ the factory (baby almost died) but once bojack showed the dad his baby he couldn't recognize him bc it was covored with bubble gum ( bubble gum factory) so he had to swim to the dads house and finally give him his child. it was sad seeing bojack try so hard giving this child back to its father only to get attached and say goodbye AND AFTER ALL OF THAT he couldn't apologize correctly to his old director. this episode made me super fustrated. LOL i liked it tho.

Posted on Jun 13th 2021 - 10:08 PM

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