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July 26th, 2021

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January 11, 2021


06/09/2021 04:05 AM 

tooth pain

this week has been quite eventful for me. yesterday i got my braces put in, i was kind of scared and excited at first and the process took long and my jaws were hurting so muchhh. but now their finally put in, at first they didn't hurt but now it feels like someone is trying to pull out my teeth, it hurts so bad and i can't sleep because of it. i'm in a lot of pain right now even though i had taken a advil too. also yesterday when i had first gotten them in and then after a couple hours when i had finished being at my band practice which was on zoom, me and my family went out to get food and sit at the park and i couldn't even eat the food without pain and stuff. i hate this :(( 


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