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05/04/2021 05:51 PM 

the tales o' snails
Category: Real Life

today i have been doing nothing but researching land snail care. lemme tell u why.
last week it was pretty cloudy, humid & gross. it rained a lot, so a bunch of snails came out to enjoy the wetness. soon after tho, as texas so often does, the clouds cleared away and it was hot & dry again.

i didnt kno this, but when its too dry or hot for snails, they go into a dormant "hibernation" state where they curl into their shells. their heart rate slows down immensely, along with their breathing, so they can stay like this for a long time while they wait for the next rain.

i saw someone had 'revived' snails by gently misting them w water & i was like! what ! so i went outside, picked up 6 dormant snails from the yard & gave em some moist. nd..yea. within a few minutes they were up n at em, crawling around. 

i saw another super tiny one outside, so i brought him in too. over the day i made their little space more livable, adding soil, plants, some wood chunks to climb/shelter under & some spinach to eat.

theres 7 of them in total, and their house is preeetty small, so im either gonna divide them into two small habitats, or one big one.

i gave them names tho! theres lil slugger, feldspar, howell, rose, turbo, sample janice, & jethro. lil slugger is named after the kid from paranoia agent, feldspar is named after. Well..feldspar. its a mineral. howell is named after howell from bee & puppycat, rose is named after rose from homestuck, turbo is Not named after the snail from the movie but rather the snail from the game snail mail. sample janice is named after a "sample" drivers license from tennessee which i think is rly funny. and jethro is named after jethro from ok ko. 

so..yea. im just gonna be keepin em, feeding them and taking care of them. initially i planned to return most of them to the wild but. over a day i literally fell in love so much. i hope they like their little zone and hanging out in wet dirt !!! i have children. they are all snails.


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