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May 14th, 2021

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April 21, 2021


05/03/2021 10:03 PM 

tooths gone
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  blank

Ugh I got my broken tooth pulled today. I went to the dentist hoping to save it, but there was no use. It's a baby tooth with no adult tooth underneath it. If I really wanted to save it I would've had to go to a specialist and get their opinion, but then again it would've just been an opinion and most likely not able to save it. Which really sucks. I'm super down about it. I'm 21 with a missing tooth. I'm going to get an implant whenever I can afford it. I guess that'll be okay. I could get a bridge across it but they'd have to shave down the two teeth beside it and idk I just don't want that.
Right now I'm just worried about getting dry socket. I know I probably won't, I'm just always worried about things going wrong. I'm eating soft foods and not drinking out of a straw. I still have some gauze in my mouth too, I'm not really sure when I won't need any in there. I guess until I run out. It's not bleeding much anymore, I'm just scared like I've said a billion times. I haven't had a tooth pulled since I was a teenager. Maybe even before then, I don't remember.
I kept the tooth though, I'm going to give it to Bun. They wanna make a friendship spell with it and some of their blood, so I'm pretty hype about that! Only good thing that came out of me losing my tooth. And I guess the fact that I won't be kept up until 4am in excruciating pain anymore. Even though it hasn't bothered me at all lately, I knew it would again eventually.
Still f***ing bummed out about it.
I played osu a little bit but other than that, I've just swapped back and forth between games today. I've just been down. Not really any motivation to do anything. I napped at some point. Maybe I'll be tired and sleep early tonight and I'll wake up feeling better tomorrow. I wonder when I'll be able to drink coffee again. My tooth is going to be sensitive to hot and cold things. No energy drinks either I assume. Wow, this is going to suck. A water only diet. Water is great but I love coffee and anything with energy in it.
I'm gonna stop going on about whatever I am and try to find something to do. Whether it be on my phone or computer. Hopefully I'll find something.


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