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May 3rd, 2021

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 17
Country: France

Signup Date:
June 24, 2020


05/03/2021 02:12 PM 


so yeah after the douche that was the laste guy that i had just to think about something else i found myself L 
he was the light of my day but after being rejected one too many times i wasnt going to give my heart so fast so i ended up distancing myself to not be heart  broken again and when i realized i loved him he had moved on so i was left by the person i finally trusted 
i felt that i wasnt enough 
and it wasnt enough that i was tretaed horribly by him 
when she cheated on him he came back 
and i took him even if i was doing better by myself 
but after the hate 
i found myself able to love him again
but he slowly lost interest and after he took my virginity i never saw him again 
i wanted to see him one last time to get closure but in the end theres nothing anymore i dont need closure i know there is better i was scared to feel lonely and unlovable 
but i know im better than what he gives me and i will find better i always did 


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