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July 26th, 2021

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January 11, 2021


04/22/2021 03:03 PM 

suh bored

i'm bored so now i'm going to complain about it ig. i'm in school right now but i'm not doing much anyway so whatever. i just finished a workbook which is good for me because i never really finish anything, idk if i'll pass this year tho, i hope so. but right now my brain has totally shut off after finishing that book, i cannot think at all. head empty,, no thoughts. all i'm thinking about right now actually is what i'm gonna do when i finally get to go home. i already when to the mall yesterday to go to hot topic, and i bought such a cute skirt and then i bought like this leopard print jacket with skulls on it from another store, its so nice
anyway, i'm done now byee


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