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Dragons vs Griffins vs Centaurs there was good griffins

The Dragons took on the Griffins and Centaurs used theoir bows and arrows and cross bows to take out the Teal Griffins, Topaz Griffins, the good griffins their claws talons less sharp or less curved, they didnt slay any felines or canines Dogs of the Mihilius or Pikatoise citizens pets animals. This wont be in the final edition. its like added notes and words. Why cant I live to see the movies. I had two brain injuries The Violet Wizard
Garrington Hinnelk

the Teal Dragons, Topaz Dragons these dragons didn't fight one another theres white dragons black dragons red dragons blue dragons yellow dragons orange dragons green dragons these dragons breathed mist from their sac not fire. No fires in Mihilus and Pikatoise.



Its regular temperature in all the villages this late season of winter.










There were odinary days and evengs and nights like all days and nights should be. Evenings said Eveyln oh I thought you were mumbling oh I was a bit tired she had just come from a latrine.

Restroom what a royal flush.


Evelyntozzy has the Star Witch, the Dark King he has a pet lizard, bat both in cages. Their Jester Wizard cleans their cages.











The ones seeking, relationship with the king and queen were always and someday they invisioned another world with humanimals animen aniwomen animal like humans.

They would also dance, also leap jump hop run around walk around act like animals with their sounds of mating their sounds of call for help assistance.

The Red Frogs The Green Frogs the Blue Frogs the Teal Frogs the Violet frogs and Dogs when they jumpead and leaped ran or walked fast not with their tails between their legs. Nope Violet frogs purple frogs black frogs white frogs orange frogs all pets of Dom King, Evyln their Dogs didn't bother them cause they were in a room a big huge room with lilypads. All was safe for the Frogs their King was Dom King.




The Dogs also loved Dom King.


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