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04/06/2021 06:04 PM 

Back home after a 6 and a half hour's drive and feeling drained!
Category: Real Life
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I drove back home to Bergen with my dad today and we had to choose a slightly longer route than the usual three hour (give or take) route we drive to Ustaoset and Bergen and the other way around as well, due to strong winds and snow blizzard causing our regular route to be closed so we had to look at other options for getting home. We went with a slightly more eastern route via Hemsedal that stayed open, despite strong winds during parts of this route as well, and the drive would take an additional three hours, which meant we would be home around six in the evening, which wasn't really too bad. 

I was excited about going home, since I feel that our cabin tends to be quite small and you kinda have to give up privacy, especially when a lot of family members live together and the noise level is through the roof most of the time. Yet, I had this quite upset stomach and a nose running harder than the Niagra Falls that made for an uncomfortable combo (the upset stomach was most likely due to eating too much cheese from yesterday's raclette dinner....ooopps) but I decided it was not gonna stop me from making the drive down to Bergen with dad.

I'm an introvert that finds it hard to talk to someone during long car rides so I was kinda dreading that bit and dad just drives mostly and occasionally throws in a "yeah" and "ah I see" to my comments about whatever we drive by at any given point, just to break the constant awkward silence between us. He'll only get talkative if there's a story about either sports or something related to his past (childhood, youth etc) that gets him talking non-stop but that didn't happen today. Not only did I find the silence uncomfortable (despite having the radio on as our only source of entertainment that we both could listen to, to get our minds onto something actually enjoyable) but my car seat made me uncomfortable as well, as well as adding my upset stomach to the mix. It all drained me out and I couldn't be happier when we finally stopped outside my apartment complex - HOME SWEET HOME!

Now I'm ready to enjoy spring here (those last pieces of snow will probably soon be gone) and some warmer weather where I can be outside wearing a t-shirt and shorts again :)


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