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03/07/2021 07:59 PM 

spicetify tutorial! change ur spotify theme if u think it's boring~ ^^
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ey hey :P I posted on stream abt changing ur desktop Spotify theme, so here's my dumb tutorial xD Only bc the site I was learning it off of was a little confusing, so I'll try to make it as straightforward as I can ^^;

You can see my blog post dedicated to windows customization

for ppl on MacOS, I think this will still work? I saw pics/preivews that looked like they were on macs. I have a windows laptop so that's how this tutorial is gonna go, but pls lmk if u get it working!

This is what my spotify window looks like now thanks to a cool program called spicetify! I've been looking for something like this for forever so I'm glad it exists!! I use spotify so much and a giant black window rlly doesn't go with the rest of my pink desktop experience :P (unfortunately the buttons in the corner are gonna stay black oof, but what can u do...) You can read the tutorial I followed here if you want, or stick around and read the one I'm writing. They'll be relatively the same up until we start editing theme colors.
 Open Windows Powershell (I ran mine as admin) and paste this to download/install spicetify:
Invoke-WebRequest "" | Invoke-Expression

 Type this command to start the program:

 Type this command to backup defaults and to apply the default theme to your spotify window:
spicetify backup apply enable-devtool

PLEASE NOTE that you will NOT be able to open spotify from the regular spotify shortcut anymore if you want to see it with spicetify enabled. You need to make a new shortcut that targets C:\Users\User\spicetify-cli\spicetify.exe auto (You can change the name/icon after so it'll look normal if you want.) This does come up while you're setting things up but it's easy to miss if you're not paying attention.

Now we've got a white/orange spotify, so we know it's working! To get other themes, you can go
here to download and here to preview all of the ones that are available in the list. If you don't like any of the color palettes as they are, just pick a theme that's formatted in a way you like and continue reading to find out how to change the colors to whatever u want ^^

 Open the spicetify folder in C:\Users\User\.spicetify

 Go into the 'Themes' folder, and create a new folder inside. Name this folder whatever the name for the theme you want is. (so your filepath should look like ...User\.spicetify\Themes\[THEME NAME])

 Create a new text document within your [THEME NAME] folder and paste the info from the color.ini file on github.

 File>Save As the document, and name it color.ini. Make sure that you change the 'Save As'-type dropdown to All Files. If it is just left on the default 'Text Document (.txt)' setting, it won't change your text document's filetype from a .txt to a .ini.

 Repeat the previous step for the user.css file. Delete the remaining Text Document file (we needed to 'save as', so it's still there unmodified and we don't need it anymore).

 Now return to your powershell window. To apply the new theme, type this command:
spicetify config current_theme [THEME NAME]

(DO NOT type it in the way the website I linked says to. Adding the extra '=' just makes it think your theme name is '=' and not what you actually named it.)

 Type this command to confirm the change (it tells you this, but again if you're not looking you won't see it):
spicetify apply

Your new theme should be applied! Now we'll focus on changing the colors of your new theme. You can change elements and stuff, but i'm lazy and that's not why we're here lol xD This should be pretty familiar if you're on fp, since all we have to do is edit hex values for colors! You can use google's hex value picker by searching 'hex color picker' or whatever one you feel like to double check your colors to make sure you're changing the correct element. Make sure to save your document to apply the changes, and you may need to restart spotify to see them take effect (the spicetify commands list says there's an auto update/refresh command but I didn't get it working oof)

Feel free to paste my colors if you like my theme (I modified Deep Coral):
main_fg                               = ff478e
secondary_fg                          = ffdbe9
main_bg                               = ff8ab7
sidebar_and_player_bg                 = ff8ab7
cover_overlay_and_shadow              = f00760
indicator_fg_and_button_bg            = ffdbe9
pressing_fg                           = eba8ff
slider_bg                             = eba8ff
sidebar_indicator_and_hover_button_bg = eba8ff
scrollbar_fg_and_selected_row_bg      = ffb8d3
pressing_button_fg                    = d26ef0
pressing_button_bg                    = eba8ff
selected_button                       = f00760
miscellaneous_bg                      = eba8ff
miscellaneous_hover_bg                = f00760
preserve_1                            = f00760

nd there you have it! Comment with the themes u make, bc I would love to see! (a lot of the preset ones are kinda boring ngl lol) I hope I didn't miss anything making this, if u have any questions/problems lmk. I hope other ppl enjoy this find as much as I do, as I use spotify a lot and it was like the only program I couldn't customize until now and it was super annoying xP Thx for reading~!

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Vomit Boy


Mar 15th 2021 - 10:57 PM

wow, this is neat! i think i'll just stick with boring spotify, the customization process looks like a lot of work i dont want to get into lol, but im glad you finally found something to make spotify match the rest of your desktop's theme!! it's a lot to make everything look cohesive. maybe one day when i have more time and energy...

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