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03/18/2021 02:52 AM 

❤Dream Dresses!❤
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ey hey :P This is my dream dresses post! I originally wanted to make a legit sentimental jfashion post, bc it does mean a lot to me and I thought I had a lot to say abt it, but it quickly became a dream dresses post sitting in my drafts xD So here we are. I would just share my Lolibrary wishlist, but as of right now u can't do that (and it'd take the fun out of the tradition of posts like these lol).
ere's some of my top dream dresses! It's not all of them, just the ones I can actually say something abt, or dresses that really inspired me when learning about the fashion. You can click on the dress pics to see the lolibrary listings for more info (they'll open in a new tab). And you def have to, the pics here don't do these dresses justice with how much detail and effort was put into them~
Milky Planet Salopette
Sugar Dream Dome Salopette
Romantic Rose Letter OP
ne of my first dream dresses was the Milky Planet salopette. I remember daydreaming about having this really nice sax x pink OTT sweet coord, even though I don't realistically want this salopette in sax? xD It's really nice in pink or navy tbh. I love how AP puts so much detail and thought into their pieces, especially during their famed 2010 sweet era.  This salopette is kind of the epitome of that, with back shirring, adjustable straps, glitter on the print, detachable bows, and pockets! I really hope I can own this dress someday, it's got a lot of sentimental value for me. print I actually got to see go on sale when it was released was Sugar Dream Dome. I promise I don't exclusively like salopettes, but this one has a hood! With bunny ears!! That's really cool ok how could u not like that xD This is definitely my favorite winter print of theirs, and I hope they rerelease it someday. That cascading snow print going down into the border of snowglobes is just... the best™.  It's a  really hard print to find unfortunately, so ig everyone else appreciated it as much as I do xD his is definitely one of their more over the top dresses, but I'm a sucker for floral prints and princess sleeves so can u blame me xD I remember seeing this dress for the first time and being blown away at how fancy it was, as I was only familair with the more neon/casual prints they have. I do have another floral print of theirs I love, Powder Rose, but this one is so over the top with lacy hearts and layers of frills, and the custom rose lace!! AP does their own custom themed lace depending on the theme of the dress, which is such a lovely detail tbh. Where else would you find that??
Kumya's GlitteryMilky
Wish Me Mell Tea Time Salopette
Wonder Cookie JSK
he only non-AP dress on this list oof xD There are Baby, The Stars Shine Bright dresses I like but I generally don't go for their more elegant/sophisticated style much. This dress is incredible though, there's so much detail, and look at that star bow! (the star is detachable, too) ish Me Mell is one of my absolute favorite Sanrio characters, so when I found out this collab existed I was incredibly excited. Like a lot of Mell merch, this series is incredibly hard to come by. There's a new Wish Me Mell collab dress, but it doesn't have that 2010 sweet feel like this one does. his dress really caught my attention in the white colorway, it looks like a rainbow! Pink is great too obvs, but idk I feel like there's so much coordinating potential with this (but I'd prob just wear it with pink anyway xP).
Wonder Patisserie JSK
Sugar Pansy OP
Wrapping Heart Salopette
have been slowly but surely building a coordinate for this dress. I have these socks and this jacket, but not the dress itself Dx I really love it though, look at the detail on those cakes! And the halter neck is a nice change from most dresses I've seen AP do. (And, y'know, you can get a matching dress for your MellMell Doll, if you have one~ ) ansies are my favorite flower, and I don't see them on a whole lot on anything (compared to roses and other more popular flowers). This is such a relaxing print to look at, I really love the calm pastels and the unique waistbow this has. And it has back shirring, which is always great :P I rlly hope I can find this one day, bc I've never seen it on any secondhand markets D: nother print I got to see when it came out! I love all of the colors and the aesthetic of the entire release, but I'm a sucker for salopettes so if I had to pick I'd want this :P Especially since AP doesn't seem to do them often. This was one of the first releases I saw that got me to really appreciate more lavender in prints. I hope to have a rlly cool pink x lavender wardrobe one day~

Honorable Mentions: Sugary Carnival in pink, Sweetie Violet in pink/lavender, Be My Valentine in pink, Diner Doll in pink, Tiara Rose in pink, Toy Doll Box in pink

here u have it! Formatting this table was wild, I hope it looks ok... I learned a lot abt HTML today ^^; But yeah, I've never made a post like this so it's rlly cool to finally have one (It won't stop me from posting dresses on stream tho haha). If anyone else out there loves this fashion like I do, I'd love to know what ur dream dresses are! I thought abt starting a dream dress thread in an EGL group I'm in but I figured it'd be better to just make my own blog post. Thx for reading~ 


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Mar 24th 2021 - 10:35 PM

I'm glad u appreciate my formatting! The html for this one was hard to read through at times, esp with adding padding and text alignment within boxes >_< I found out by doing this that table boxes by default align text to the center vertically, and there's no natural padding so I had to change all that for every other row so it wouldn't be so haphazard but it looks great so hey xD

And those are great choices! Sugar Pansy definitely, bc I haven't seen a lot of dresses like it print-wise (and who can say no to polka dots and flowers?) And I do own a couple of AP pieces! None listed here, since it's a dream dress post (which is just a glorified wish list tbh xD). So far I have the Space Lollipop jsk + headbow in pink and the Powder Rose skirt in pink (which used to be a dream dress of mine, another floral polka dot print xD).

(click for the Lolibrary listing)

I do wanna make/maintain a wardrobe post once I get more things, bc again Lolibrary doesn't let u share ur closet for some reason... (even though it tells you the number of ppl who own/want an item on there when you go looking?? I don't get it)

Vomit Boy


Mar 24th 2021 - 8:26 PM

wow these are so pretty!  romantic rose letter and sugar pansy i think are my favorites. also, big applause to you with how much work you put in to doing that table omg! they can be so tricky to put together but it looks amazing, your blogs are always so fun to look at. i feel like you may have answered this before, but do you own any of these/ any dresses like these?



Mar 19th 2021 - 6:43 PM

Those are great releases! I looked up the Stella OP, it's nice to see some non-print dresses getting some love. I feel like they can be p overlooked compared to the more recognizable printed dresses, but then at the same time they're also much harder to find (at least in my experience looking for pieces from Sherbet Marine or Fairy Marine releases). And yes, definitely! I don't wear it much either (mostly because I don't have a whole lot and the weather isn't ideal right now) but it sure feels great to put on a coord once in a while ^^ 



Mar 19th 2021 - 10:36 AM

Outstanding taste x3 I love all of these. 
I would say my absolute dream dress would be AP's Sugary Carnival  JSK in pink, I've adored it since i was younger!
I also really like the "Stella" OP in pink & Classic Fairy Tales in green by AP !!
I don't regularly wear lolita, but sometimes it is nice to dress up and feel super  pretty :3

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