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02/21/2021 06:59 PM 


i heard maggie snore last night:) it was so cute! i love hearing them snoring, and they were kinda talking in their sleep too. it made me really happy to hear them. maggies uber delivery guy robbed them lmao. he took their food and cancelled the order and maggie was even gonna give him a cookie cus he came on a bike lmao. and he stole it lol. he might get to keep maggies tip too, so he made 2 bucks on top of the free meal lol. maggie made me cry lol. they helped me order pizza for me and my brother too:) they have really good taste, and the garlic parmesan wings were amazing!! they changed their discord name to bababooey lmao. they gave me driving tips :) they were really helpful and i cant wait to practice my driving! they showed me so many pictures tonight!!! pictures of them as a kid, and then so many beautiful pictures of them in college and around that time. i was blushing the whole time. maggies so gorgeous it drives me crazy.  maggie says im a lonely person. i think theyre right tbh, i used to be. i was kinda sad thinking about how poorly ive chosen to live my life. i have nothing to show for my life. i have maggie though and thats whats important to me:) 


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