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March 1st, 2021

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02/23/2021 06:55 PM 

manic monday strikes back lmao

maggies family was mean to maggie today :/ it makes me feel really bad, and then my mom was mean to me lol. we talked about our families a little, and i did my best to make maggie feel better, and we talked more about the future and what i want to do. i really want to switch schools and go to school with maggie and then eventually work with them. ik thats whats gonna make me happy. thats what i want out of my life. i really want to see maggie, and i cant wait until i can. im learning how to drive and thats one of the big steps! i also need to save more money for moving and stuff too! we played cod with their brother and a friend today :0 it was actually really fun! we listened to a bunch of music! and we started working on our ash record playlists for if were cremated. maggie showed me a bunch of amazing songs too! weve been listening to music for hours. its been amazing:) and then at like 3 am maggie called me to show me the moon! it made me feel really nice:) and the moon was beautiful!


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