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01/15/2021 05:55 PM 

how do i rinse it?

we listened to rain last night while we went to bed. it was really nice:) when we woke up they were talking about random sh*t though lol. math or something. i looked around with maggie to find wirecutters for their chains, cus theyre hard to cut through. we found a good tool:) i cant wait to see what maggies necklaces look like:) we made pizza today:) it came out really good:) i had fun. for dinner we made chicken:) that was super yummy, and it was fun making it with them. i asked a really dumb question and they left for a few minutes cus of it lmao. they made delicious looking tilapia:) after we ate we played cod for a bit until they had their meeting. after their meeting maggie showed me their old instagram stories:) they were so cool :o and it was really fun to see these like moments in their life, and some of them were days i remember spending with them:) maggie made some funny nirvana jokes haha. after that we played cod for abit until maggie got tired of it, and then we watched some freaks and geeks for a bit. we stayed up kinda late it was fun:) im gonna have to go to the doctor tommorow and that kinda sucks


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