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01/15/2021 09:06 PM 

Scenecore Revival Bands/Artists to Check Out
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Scenecore Revival Bands/Artists to Check Out

1: takeoffyourpants!

takeoffyourpants! is a six peice metalcore/post-hardcore/electronicore band that brings back the fun and energetic side of metalcore, amd brings back those myspace vibezzz! They are very new and underground, so go support them!

My Digital Escape 3.0-takeoffyourpants!


2: Shipwreck Standard

Shipwreck Standard is another electronicore band that brings back the sound of 2010s metalcore bands such as Woe Is Me, I See Stars, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Sleeping With Sirens. Their latest single since their first album in 2018, titled "Ronacore" is a comedic metalcore track that blends post hardcore, deathcore, and screamo in a beautiful way.

Ronacore-Shipwreck Standard


3: Punkinloveee

Do you like The Medic Droid? Do you like Scotty Vanity? Do you like 100 gecs? Punkinloveee brings back all that myspace pop energy with a unique modern twist that is honestly super addicting. She pretty much makes myspace pop mixed 100 gecs and some S3RL influences, and it sounds f***ing amazing

Crucifix on me-Punkinloveee


4. Wristmeetrazor

Wristmeetrazor is a skramz/screamo/metalcore band that started in 2017. If you enjoy 90s post hardcore/skramz, then you will definitely love this band(hehe dat rhymed). Wristmeetrazor manages to make scramz so different and unique that it almost sounds lile a completely dufferent genre, especially in the track XOXO. In XOXO the bamd combines black metal screams with metalcore amd classic skramz guitar, and it all comes together so well.



5: If I Die First

Probably my favorote entry on this list, If I Die First is a screamo band that formed in 2019 that released one of the greatest albums this year BY FAR, which is the My Poison Arms EP. This band combines metalcore and that 20005 post hardcore sound brought by early Saosin, Thursday, and early AFI, with an emo enwrgetoc twist that makes you wanna jump around yet cry at the same time. If I Die First was started by emo rapper Lil Lotus, who is one of the lead singers and does the screaming for the band.

[Is It Me or Your Secrets That Keep You Up at Night-If I Die



6: H3artcrush

H3artcrush combines elements of myspace pop, breakcore, glitch, S3RL, and 8-bit, which all makes for something extremely unique and a sound that would have garnered thousands of plays on myspace everyday.

Freshman Boyfriend-H3artcrush


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