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01/12/2021 09:58 PM 


i was gonna help maggie electronically sign some conservatorship documents this morning, but we ended up putting it off til tomorrow when we can talk while we do it. i like that ill be able to help maggie with more stuff:) we played cod together for a while, which was really nice, but maggie couldnt talk so it was hard for them to concentrate. we decided to watch more shows together:) maggie showed me one of their favorite shows, freaks and geeks. its actually a hilarious show! i see why maggie likes it so much. they were laughing at me cus i didnt know a bunch of actors and references lol. after we were done we did a bunch of "which character from x am i" quizzes. that was super fun:) then they left for a bit to make dinner  and stuff, and when they got back we talked about corona for a bit, and then we were gonna play but maggie got kinda mad at me cus i was drinking a soda. its understandable, because they dont like when i feel bad and they feel like i should do more. and i agree, so afterwards we read all about stuff i should avoid and thiings that would help me. even at vitamins that i could take. im thinking about buying them cus they seem super useful. after that, maggie showed me their super cool wallpaper from the simpsons, and we watched the episode its from. its from the homers mom episode, and its a super good one:)) we talked more about the civil war that might start lol, and we went on citizen and looked at stuff that was heppening around them. maggie showed me all the places theyve lived and their school:) that was so cool! and i got stories about each one, and it was cool. maggie was gonna show us this house theyve liked since they were in elementary school but google maps wasnt showing it :/ i bet it was awesome. i showed maggie where i lived in bakersfield, and a bunch of bakersfield:) after that maggie showed me the hospitals theyve stayed in, and told me sucky stories about checks, and really terrible blood draws in the middle of the night. the first place looked kinda nice, but the second one looked bad and the reviews were terrible lol. it sounds really tough, and im sorry maggies had to go through all that. i hope they dont have to again. they said theyre starting to feel sick today :/ once maggie got tired i read them the little prince, which is a super good book, and they went to bed:) 


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