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January 21st, 2021

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April 14, 2020


01/13/2021 08:09 PM 

g e n d e r e n v y

who gives you Big Gender Envy? (please trans interaction only). here is my (mostly) comprehensive list (tbh more just things that give me gender dysphoria askdj;asdf):

starting with the obvious, we got pete wentz,

pete wall gif

frank iero,
frank iero

and gerard way (more specifically basement/bullets gerard, look at his funky little sideburns!!)
bullets gerard way kill me bullets gerard

also this fall out boy photoshoot, just all of the fall out boys, just look at this photoshoot, this is gender envy in a bottle

barley from onwards


annie potts in pretty in pink:
annie potts pip
and duckie and molly wringwald (andie)
molly and duckie
f*** it, this guy too even tho he was an ass. forever jealous and angry Andie stayed w him.
pip dude

gender envy for 80's movies, honestly. idk what that is. maybe there's a different word for it. but 80s teen romance and coming-of-age movies always hit me there. i think something along the lines of me not feeling attractive enough in my gender to be able to experience what they experience?? and that wanting to have the male growing up experience.

which also reminds me, fall out boy's From Under the Cork Tree is such a comfort album when im feeling dysphoric?? does anyone else experience this?? just me?? okay.

Joan ♥

this f***ing elf from Santa Clause:

jackass for some reason?? lol i think it would just be great to be a stupid guy. i wanna get into dangerous situations, cause havoc, get into fist fights, get into stupid dares, just do stupid sh*t!! and i know i could techincally just,,do it. but i really don't want to cuz it's, ya know, stupid. it's such a stereotypical Guy thing and i love to see it, would love to be it.
tldr; guys rough-housing. biggest gender envy.

oh, also, bert mccracken. ran into this gif set this morning and just, yeah. kinda goes in with the rough-housing thing too.

a l s o all the guys in my local music scene?? i've always been, and maybe always will be, so f***ing jealous of all of you. you all always look so good and you all have so much fun and it's so easy for you to feel like you fit in and belong and make friends, like wtf?? and it's so easy for you to get onstage and make music and everyone's like yeah cool! amazing! great! you sound like sh*t? even better! and you NEVER get questioned about your music taste. youre always in charge of the fashion and what bands are cool or not and you know everything! and you know everything and anything about iron maiden for some reason like wtf? wtf??! you're so f***ing cool and im no one. f***!

also every flat chested emo boy with their friend group of emo boys ;-; oh how i would love to wear tiny clothes without so many Female Parts :"Emoticon_unhappy" Icon
emo boys
my binder has helped with this but i had to return it to get a bigger size and it's taking foreverrrr



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