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January 21st, 2021

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01/13/2021 08:05 PM 

post-concert depression

so essentially i saw a gif of frank iero smoking and throwing his cigarette onstage before starting to play and it made me feel so reminiscent of concerts. something about that picture, i could smell all the venues i'd ever been to, i could hear the crowd and feel the air. i feel like i'm experiencing the longest case of post-concert depression in this quarantine, lol. anyway, here's a little brain dump poem about it: 

i don't know anything about teen crushes or the holy spirit, but i know about being pressed in the spaces between strangers like true love, and my heart beat is the vibration of the show. with the smell of sweat and cigarettes. the energy like ghosts. i could die here and relive this moment forever and haunt these stages with my broom. i'm the last of the clean-up crew, still living the show through the ringing in my ears. a psychic as i touch every abandoned belonging and can see the stage through the owner's eyes. if i never leave it will never end. i want to feel this loved and at home forever. 

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 when I read this at first it lowkey gave me 27 vibes, but maybe thats just bc ive been listening to folie a lot lately xP (I thought I commented this on spacehey but ig not :OO)

Posted on Jan 13th 2021 - 8:23 PM

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