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01/10/2021 01:52 AM 

yknow what this bothers me
Category: Blogging
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i started thinking abt this a little and i was like. hm. kinda pisses me off a little. so here i am.
something that rly irks me is when people talk about how "(social media website) is so toxic!" and for one reason primarily. on social media u can practically curate your experience Specifically to you and who/what u want to see. it is Literally up to you what you see. if someones posting something u dont like, unfollow them. u can follow, unfollow & block literally anyone u want. 

dont fault the website for hosting things u dont want 2 see. unless that something is actually illegal/dangerous/rulebreaking, then its 100% up to you what does & does not appear on ur feed.
thts all. tht just bugs me when ppl say tht. like, bro. u get to choose lol.


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