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11/27/2020 05:18 PM 

Odd Blooded FanTrolls
Category: Art

This is a pretty unpopular opinion in the Homestuck community. 

I LOVE weird blooded fantrols. The colored blood opens up a whole mansion of creativity that people really like to shame. I understand not allowing it in RPs, but shaming fantrolls (especially the ones made by children) isn't fun. 

Disclaimer: Any odd blooded troll would have been killed off in canon, but that doesn't make it bad or over-powered. I would reccomend making them under an AU or creating your own fannon meteor where the hierarchy is less crule just for the f*** of it tho (holy sh*t if you do this I love you, using a fandom to jump start your own universes is super sick)

There are some rules that I do generally stand by when it comes to OC making, the most notable being a) don't make the character super over powered, b) don't make the character flawless, c) don't make the character adored by everyone. The reson for this is that it's f***ing boring, not that it's cringe or a crime agienst humanity. But rules are made to be broken. 

Lemme go over some of my favorite tropes and why they shouldn't be bashed into the f***ing ground. 

Glitter Bloods- Not so common, but super f***ing epic. Your troll BLEEDS GLITTER. F*** maybe glitter bloods are all fairies or some fancy glittery sh*t, like the cannon sea dwelling trolls. 

Multicolored and Rainbow Bloods- These are pretty neat, but pretty looked down appon. I like the idea of them a lot. I feel like rainbow bloods would be super rare and multicolored ones much more common but still considered an anomaly. 

Black, White, and Grey Bloods- OOoooo this is dandrous. I love these guys. Black and white are pretty basic, refreshing colors in my opinion. I don't really know why these are so controversial, other then the fact that they've been stated to be impossible. But so has glitter blood. We're working under an AU here, greyscale blood can exist. 

Pastel Blood- One of my favorites. I especially like it when albino trolls have pastel blood, even though that's not how albinism works. It tyes into the theme of light colors that would likely come with an albino troll's design. Besides that, I just really like pastel colors okay leave me alone >w<

Honestly you don't have to rashionalize why your respective blood colors exist, even though rationalizing it would be better in a story telling sence. I, for one, am terrbile at story telling and purly enjoy these blood colors aesthetically, and you know what, that's okay.

There's a lot more possibilites that I havn't touched on, but my small brain can't process any more right now. The point of this post- Bullying children is stupid and glitter blood is badass as f***.


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Jun 3rd 2021 - 2:02 PM

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!



Jun 3rd 2021 - 2:02 PM


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