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11/21/2020 02:07 PM 

A Warning by DHS Official Miles Taylor

I picked up a book a while back before the election titled A Warning. At the time of publication, it was labled Anonymous. They also wrote an op-ed in the NY Times. All we knew is that they were an official working in close proximity to others within the White House, also close to President Trump himself. The Anonymous author has identified themselves as Miles Taylor. I have saved numerous clips of his in my Facebook page of his warnings with the current administration. Quite alarming what I had watched just weeks before the recent election, and even more so reading his book. He did alert to the ideas that he has been systematically firing all the staff he came into the White House with, the officials close to him like Defense Secretary, Secretary of State, etc. Now, he's fired major spots within the Pentagon, FBI, CIA and every other level of Federal jobs and replaced them with Trump loyalists. The Warning by Mr. Taylor was that in a 2nd term, Trump was taking his guard rails off. Here is an example that might keep me up the next few weeks as I contimplate that this man may never give up power as he installs his dictatorship within America. We had been warned...

"Trump warmed to a new label illegal migrants as enemy combatents." "Trump went further and mused about shipping the migrants to Guantanamo Bay, where hardened terrorists were jailed." "Come to the US illegally, and you will be sent to a remote US detention facility in Cuba to live along side murderous criminals."

This is what China is doing to over a million Muslim refugees, along with what Russia does to indoctrinate wrong doers/border crossers, as well as North Korea who executes many who come into their country. Many do not make it out of these camps, they die retaining their decency of being human. What is America becoming under Trump? I sure as hell do not want to find out. Let's hope Biden successfully takes over the office without a blood bath, and Trump's influence diminishes over the next 4 years.

Help us God...

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The book can be found here...

Posted on Nov 21st 2020 - 2:20 AM

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