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December 2nd, 2020

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October 05, 2020


11/20/2020 11:15 AM 

Current mood:  happy

we didnt talk too much today, but i had a lot of fun when we did:) we texted though, so it wasnt too bad ig. we listened to katy perry and avril lavigne(idk if thats how you spell it) and it was really nice. maggie had a really cool dream last night. im gonna practice ska dancing so i can show maggie lol, and im gonna try to draw her(shes gonna laugh really hard lmao) they sent me a metro pcs thing so i can get a better phone:) my phones really bad, and i really like that theyre trying to help me out. they talked about me in therapy today. i wonder they said. maggie was posting pictures of dresses from this site called shein(chinese fast fashion site) with hilarious rich white lady quotes. i was laughing really hard. after that we shopped around for sweaters for them to wear while they run. they didnt end up getting anything though, it was really fun to shop with them. maggies almost done taking the meds! we listened to more music together and that was really fun. they dedicated make me like you to me:) it made me blush and smile really hard. im listening to it while im writing this rn


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